Lyme borreliosis. Any experiences?

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I got it. Lyme Borreliosis. I was so proud saying that ticks do not like me, because I eat a lot of garlic that I did not bother using any essential oil before going into the meadows or woods. I had a tick, pulled it out. After 10 days I got a typical expanding red rash. I knew diagnosis before going to the doctor for a prescription. I took antibiotics for 10 days. The rash is gone, the body reacted correctly. I had no other symptoms rather than this rash. However I am very much aware that Lyme Borreliose might be a cause for some other symptoms in the long run.

Has anybody had any other treatment rather than antibiotics. Has anybody used any herbs for later treatment? I have read that wild teasel tincture (Dipsacus fullonum, syn. Dipsacus sylvestris) is sometimes recommenced. I have plenty of it in my garden.

I am sure that I got it when my immune system got weaker. Thus, I believe, strengthening immune system is essential. What else?


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    @jowitt.europe Nick Polizzi, in his Sacred Science summit, talked about Lyme. He recommended exactly what you did. Knock it out with antibiotics and build up the body back up after.

    Japanese Knotweed, astragalus, cat's claw, Eleutherococcus, medicinal mushrooms, and teasel were his list of go-to herbs.

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    This is a link to Stephen Buhner's Lyme Protocol.

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    10 days on anti biotics is not enough. It just drives the lymes disease in to hiding in your body. That is a direct quote from a doctor. When it reappears it is twice as bad and has usually done damage.

    I have 5 friends that have it and its really messed them up. As bad as lymes is around here they do not treat it properly.

    I use knotweed. I have been buying it but plan to make it as it grows everywhere around here.

    Good luck. Other countries treat is with success. Herbal is the way to go in my opinion. Anti biotics work but they do not treat you long enough in the US

    @torey Excellent link!!!!!! Thank you!

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    That is exactly what I was going to recommend! Buhner can be a bit far out sometimes, but his medical herb books are solid and very well researched.

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    Sweet Annie (Artemisia annua) is another herb suggested for Lyme's Disease.

    There is also a homeopathic nosode made from the Borrelia bacterium. It is used to treat longer term side effects of Lyme's Disease. @jowitt.europe, you can get this at Remedia Homeopathic pharmacy in Austria.

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    I was going to suggest Buhner, too. Knotweed came to mind, and I think it was from his work that I first read about it. Luckily, I've not needed it, but I like to have the info handy when something comes up.

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    @Tave @torey @Monek Marie @judsoncarroll4 @Mary Linda Bittle, West Plains, Missouri Tank you very much for advice and links. I have started exploring the plants that are in Buhner’s Protocol.

    Japanese knotweed is very invasive here and it is forbidden to cultivate it, but it is still round, so I will look for it.

    Sweet Annie might also be round.

    And homeopathy. So far I have never tried it out. Although have always read about it with great interest. May be it is time to try. Thank you for the link@torey

    @Tave you mentioned teasel and Nick Polizzi. I have to read more.

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    @jowitt.europe talk about timing! While I’ve not been diagnosed with Lymes ( Drs in Australia don’t recognise it) I copped 2 ticks this weekend on my back, really close to each other and they are annoying the S%$# out of me! I will be taking close notice of what goes on re my back and on this thread. I have read articles by Buhner and Polizzi. What type of antibiotics are you taking Jowitt ? Since I moved to the coast 4 yrs ago, I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been bitten by them.

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    There is a German Herbalist Wolf-Dieter Storl. He treated his Lyme without antibiotics. He used wild teasel (dipsacus fullonum) root as powder and as tincture. As he cited Matthew Wood who led him to this way of treatment and it is in English, I copy a link: Matthew Wood suggests continuing treatment for 12 months (3 days a month), because Borrelia multiples every 28 days and teasel root would hem this multiplication.

    I have plenty of teasel in my garden. I will dig out the roots of the first year plants (they blossom in the second year) and give a try.

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    My teasel (dipsacus fullonum)

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    I just received an email update today from a large family who has four children who contracted Lyme. The father said to share their experience/findings with whomever could benefit.

    I found it interesting how he mentioned the same herbalist that @torey did above.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning That's awesome when people sharing their healing experiences for others to benefit from.

    Lots of links and good resources in this.

    Stephen Buhner is considered the herbal expert in treating Lyme. He's had great success with his protocol.

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    @torey What I appreciate is when a respected herbalist is mentioned as experienced, knowledgeable & trustworthy from various unconnected, independent sources that/who have nothing at all to gain by giving them a high review (no conflict of interest).

    That's when you know you have stumbled onto a solid resource for your double/fact checking of herbs and protocols.

    Jumping up onto my soapbox (hold on, I've, actually got to crawl up it first 😄):

    So many "experts" in so many areas of "knowledge & experience" that are heard of online are exalted by those who have something to gain from promoting them. Sometimes that acknowledgement & praise is actually solicited to deceive or mislead others. Sometimes it's a friend/buddy, or a reciprocal promotion of status or product, a kickback, or something of that nature.

    Sometimes the "expert" person might have knowledge, but practical know-how is lacking. An expert should be more than one with book smarts or certification/degree. That's only a start. They need to have practical, experiential knowledge too...that's where a title, paper, video, blog, book, etc. shouldn't wow anyone either. Not all experts deserve to be exalted up onto their podiums just because lots of people know about them and they like the spotlight.

    Humbleness, a willingness to learn & a knowledge that one will never know it all, and someone else might actually know more, now that's respectable! Accolades from independent, non-solicited sources gives further merit to those people.

    As Rosemary Gladstar says with a giggle, "I'm not an expert! I've only had ___ years to learn, and I've barely scratched the surface!"

    Okay, jumping off now! 😄

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    I listened to a couple Lyme Disease Summits that Dr. Jay Davidson did back before the pandemic. I haven't seen him post anything on facebook in a long time but I did find this video. I learned a lot from his summits. If I remember correctly his wife had Lyme Disease and was very sick. He and some of his doctor friends figured out how to help her. I haven't listened to this particular video so hope it helps.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning @torey @kbmbillups1 very useful information. Thank you. Have a year has passed since I had my first symptoms of Lyme disease. I have to say, that I do not feel any side effects or any symptoms. Looks like it is gone. I am strengthening my immune system non stop with different plants. May be it helps. But I saved the information from this discussion just in case some symptoms appear in longer run...