Unearthing long forgotten treasures

The kids were out in the pasture today when they discovered something strange poking out of the ground, so they started digging.

This something ended up being a heavy horse bit. So, they kept digging and have now found most of a harness.

When we first moved here, we discovered a bit of cement poking out from a bunch of grass. It was interesting, so we dug up more. Under at least a foot of dirt & heavy matted grass was a whole barn foundation & floor. It looked like it was most likely set up for horses. So, now the kids found the other piece of the puzzle, so to speak.

Rediscovering history can be interesting!


  • Linda Bittle
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    I love making discoveries like that! It's good for kids to find and study artifacts like that. We sometimes think that the only ones that matter are the arrowheads and pottery shards, but it all tells a story.

  • kbmbillups1
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    We I was growing up we lived in a really old house built in the 1700's. My sister and I got a metal detector for Christmas one year and spent every spare minute we had using it around the yard. We found a lot of horseshoes and most times found marbles, bottles, or pieces of china near them if we kept digging around. We had the best time discovering history and still have some of what we found today.

  • Monek Marie
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    With an old barn site and being near a creek I find a lot of interesting things. Its like having a vaction or adventure in your backyard.

    I have fopund arrowheads in my garde areas, mostly fishing points and scrapers.

    And out in the north pasture I found parts of a foundation, a pottery bowl and old daffodils. After looking at that area better i could see an old grown in driveway. I started asking around and there used to be a very small camp or house over there. Its may have been a helpers home. (at one time this property was part of a very huge farm. As time went by it was slowly broken down.

    There are many old farm homes that no longer exist here but one sign of such a place is a lone lilac tree. They were usually by all homesteads.

    I love history of a piece of property when you can find it. I feel like I connect to the land more and keep part of it alive.

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @LaurieLovesLearning I bet the kids got excited. It’s amazing what’s been left behind, discarded. One mans garbage, another mans treasure.

    We bought a property a while back and a previous owner had been a real hermit and bushman and preferred to live let’s say not in the house on the property. We found all sorts of things but the best was a cave with an old steel framed stretcher bed, assorted bottles, a pair of wire framed glasses, tobacco tin and a structure not to far from the cave that resembled a hand made meat smoker. I guess so he could preserve rabbit, kangaroo and mutton. We didn’t touch a thing and showed plenty of amazed friends and to my knowledge it would still be there today. We didn’t mention it to the new owners.

  • nicksamanda11
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    I wonder if they just buried the horse.

  • Michelle D
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    We find lots of stuff in the ground here. None of it is as fun as anything else mentioned in the discussion, but it is still fun for the kids to dig up something and solve the mystery of what is it. They get so excited.

  • karenjanicki
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    That's so neat! Do you have a metal detector? I wonder what other kinds of cool things you could find!

  • LaurieLovesLearning
    LaurieLovesLearning Posts: 7,210 admin

    @nicksamanda11 😳😂 No bones found yet, so I think we are okay.

    @karenjanicki We were discussing getting one. They like roaming around with a magnet on a stick (not sure what the tool's proper name is). Anyway, our oldest boy lit up and exclaimed that he'd always wanted one. Haha

  • Monek Marie
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    @LaurieLovesLearning Get one of those magnets on a stick (metal detector). They are so fun and its great exercise too. You also notice more what is around you when you use one.

    I have a blast with mine near the barn area.