Dehydrating Bread - My freezer, where food goes to die!

Ruth Ann Reyes
Ruth Ann Reyes Posts: 577 admin

I have said it once and I'll say it again. I'm not that into freezing.

I am organized. I have a tally board. I know what's in the freezer.

But, for some reason...the deep freeze is where food goes to die in my house!

Needless to say, this loaf of bread was well beyond its prime - freezer burned.

Did I give it new life...anyone else?

One loaf of bread yields 4 quarts of croutons or almost a pint of bread crumbs! Takes just a couple of hours to fully dehydrate in my Excalibur.

Just like I am w/ tomatoes, I don't like to limit myself - so I keep them whole and use them as actual croutons, baked w/ meats and veggies, or on soups.


  • Monek Marie
    Monek Marie Posts: 3,537 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Great idea! I would not have thought about that.

    I also have the same problem with the freezer. I think I find a slab of frozen "whatever" unappealing and tend to use my other preserving methods first.

  • marjstratton
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    I used to send food to the freezer to die a painful hideous death freezer burn. I have gotten a bit better about keeping the freezer organized and we generally have less fatalities in the freezer. And labeling helps a lot with both what it is and when it was sent into exile in the freezer.

  • Michelle D
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    Thank you! I had not thought about dehydrating bread. It seems like an obvious solution now that you mention it. I love making croutons.

  • Megan Venturella
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    What a great idea!! So to be clear, I would just cube extra bread, dehydrate it, pulverize and store? I just threw out a moldy loaf. So sad.

  • Lisa K
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    @Ruth Ann Reyes what a great idea! For us bread does not last that long between using them for croutons, toast and sandwiches so I usually get two leaves every three to four weeks and freeze one while using the other one.

    But I definitely like your idea and will try it so that I do not have to make croutons each time I want some.

  • dipat2005
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    @Ruth Ann Reyes I would never have thought of making croutons out of bread but that is a simply wonderful idea. Thank you for all your great ideas.

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
    Ruth Ann Reyes Posts: 577 admin

    That's what I do! Cube it and dehydrate it...I store it in mason jars w/ the air sucked out.

  • Ruth Ann Reyes
    Ruth Ann Reyes Posts: 577 admin

    You're welcome!

    I use them in multiple ways and they do come in handy...and once dehydrated...I don't think they are going bad anytime soon!

  • monica197
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    Great idea!

    Historically, loaves of sourdough were baked and the sourdough preserved though drying (slices of the bread as toast). When families moved or got uprooted they would bring their sourdough with them in this manner so they could start it back up in their new location.

  • nksunshine27
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    @monica197 i believe the starter of sourdough was dehydrated to start a new loaf.

    there is another use for your dry bread/ croutons is bread pudding.

    @marjstratton , @Monek Marie , and others I had the same problem as you guys at one time , but a check list and using it is part of a soulution as well as rotaion from the deep freeze to the inside freezer especially if you do meal planning. but what i found the best for keeping freezer burn away is a vacuum sealer and freezer paper or news paper. and here is why i have things in the freezer from 2012 no freezer burn or off taste, ... because i vacuum seal it with my foodsaver then wrap it in freezer paper or a couple layers of news paper(cheaper) this keeps the food-saver bags from getting pin holes in them when your moving things around in the freezer

  • vickeym
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    Wonderful ideas. You folks always manage to inspire me.