Sometimes things just don't go as planned

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I planted some what were supposed to be bush beans in a perfect space except they turned out to be pole beans. Then I planted some edible flowers that were supposed to get 6-12 inches tall along my front walkway. They got really happy and grew to about 4 feet tall. I had to tie them back so people are able to walk up my jungle of a walkway. I planted some cosmos in the back of a bed that were supposed to get around 4 feet tall but they topped out at less than 12 inches. Sometimes in my gardening world things just don't go as planned....


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    @annbeck62 I fully understand.

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    @annbeck62 Been there too many times.

    Unique to have cosmos only grow a foot. Maybe you should save some seeds and see if you end up with a short variety,

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    @annbeck62 I hear you. I've had that happen myself.😏

    But I've also had things not come up at all. Or die almost instantly after planting. 😔

    I'm glad that everything did live and come up for you even if they popped up in the wrong areas.☺️

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    Been there too! I have volunteer tomatoes that came up where I planted cucumbers, eggplant, a couple peppers, okra, and fennel. Those tomato plants are doing great! The ones I planted in my tomato bed are doing okay. I rotated the beds from last year.

    I also have a rose bush that is growing out instead of up. My husband is always wanting to trim it so he can walk by easier but I don't want to cut off all of the flowers until they're done blooming. It's growing out into the walkway to our front door. 😁

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    Yup! It happens. My sunflowers are very short and small this year. Last year I planted teddy bear sunflowers and they actually grew bigger than my sunflowers this year.

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    Mother Nature.......always making sure that we don't get complacent.

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    I really have never had those experiences except for the Bush Green Beans I planted this year. I noticed yesterday the bean plants were further apart like human hands went into the beans and took what they wanted out of the plants. I am pretty sure they picked the plants clean. I checked this morning and there were a few green beans left. Amazing how other people see something, want it, and pick it. They have left my greens alone.

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    That is why I always say that gardening is just one big experiment ... happy experiment.

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    I know what you mean! @annbeck62

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    My echinacea got about 5 feet tall, that was unexpected because i had not seen it taller than a couple feet before.