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    I regularly make broth as suggested in this article.

    My family rather rudely calls it "compost soup". But it is awesome to have on hand to add extra nutrition to other dishes. I use it in spaghetti sauce to thin the tomato paste. I use it as the liquid when making meat pie or stews. Great for making gravy and other sauces. And it is a good nourishing hot beverage, when you are sick.

    After drying and removing herbs from their stems, I save the stems for adding to the "compost soup", too.

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    I also make a nutrient dense vegetable broth. I add seaweed, miso, tumeric, ginger, herbs and whatever else I have. I use it in place of water when making rice, soups and stews for added nutrition and flavor.

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    I just now cleaned out the sadder-looking vegetables in the fridge into a big pot of water and set it outside in my sun oven to turn into broth. At least the miserable heat is good for something!

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    Thank you for the link. I do the same thing with the resealable bag in the freezer for veggie scraps, but I use it to add to my bone broth.

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    @ I had never heard the term, cucina povera. Interesting article and made me think of some things i could do. Thanks!

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    @annbeck62 May I ask, Where do you get your seaweed? Thanks