Help with Raising Goats course

I joined TGN specifically because I was interested in this course. Why is it the only course (that I’ve found so far) that forces you to take the quizzes before being able to watch the modules you’re really there for?

That said, I was OK with doing the first few lessons but now I’m trying to answer the quiz for lesson 4 and no matter what answers I choose, numbers 2 and 3 are always wrong, so I can’t advance to lesson 5, which is the main lesson I was interested in. Can you fix it so that I can get to the videos that are of particular interest?



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    @AdrienneHew it must be a technical hitch, as that just doesn’t make sense. I went in to have a look, clicked on the video, watched for 2 mins or so and then paused it. I scrolled down past the references and then there was the box for the quiz. This is exactly how I’ve found the other courses I’ve done in the Academy, not the other way round, as you’ve described. Let’s get @Jimerson involved as he is the knower of all things technical.

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    @AdrienneHew Its a glitch of some sort. I took the course before and it was not set up that way. I am sure it will be fixed in no time. Thank you for bringing to our attention.

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    This was a miscommunication. I was writing at 3 AM due to husband snoring. What I meant is that I was most interested in module 5, but had to go through each quiz and apparently get all the answers right to view lesson 5.

    Thanks, @Monek Marie !

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    I've updated the Goat course progression from Linear to Free form. You should now be able to hop around at will! I apologize for that inconvenience! :)

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  • AdrienneHew
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    Thanks so much, @Jimerson and @COWLOVINGIRL !

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    I'm actually really glad to see this post. Not because I've had any issue, but it might be a course that can be of benefit as I have milking goats.

    I've had them for a good number of years, but there's always opportunity to learn.

    It would be great if you could give feedback on how you found the course.

    Have a great day.

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    Just a thought, being forced to take quizzes in any course you're taking for your own interest/personal enrichment takes some of the fun out of it....

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    For any course in the Academy, one does not need to take a single quiz to view all of the lesson materials. If you do choose to take the quizzes you are able to earn a printable certificate. : )

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    I wish I had watched it before weaning my babies at 8 weeks. It has a few resources mentioned that turned what I thought I knew about what I can feed to goats (sorghum/milo, clover and a few other things that are in goat feed. LOL). I've had goats for 4 years, but only had 2 until this year when we had the two babies. So I know more than someone who has never owned them, but probably less than you. She definitely puts some good info and ideas on the table, even if not relevant to my situation.