Finding Meat rabbits

I'm wanting to get started raising meat rabbits but I'm having trouble finding them. Can anyone suggest a resource or tell me where to look?


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  • Sarah Peters
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    Thank you!

  • Owl
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    We have a local radio station that does a call in sales forum. There is usually a couple of breeders on every day. I’m in Alabama but I suspect that such a thing is popular all over the country.

  • Monek Marie
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    Welcome @Sarah Peters

    We have sevreal local breeder that have good quality meat rabbits. I found then on facebook on homestead groups and my local onsite selling sites.

    Also if you have a local 4-H group or extension ofice they can point you in the right direction

  • monica197
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    Hi Sarah,

    If you have a local farm store, you might try there.

    ARBA is the national rabbit association. It might be helpful to connect with them. They provide a lot of good information about care as it seems that most vets know little about how to keep them healthy.

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