The joy of bird feeders

A while back we were given a bird feeder as a gift. In the past we haven’t been into feeding birds, figure they have done it well on their own before. Then the drought hit, then the fires. We found the feeder in the shed and decided to hang it up and see what happens. We buy a 20kg bag of wild bird mix and pour out a scoop most days. It is currently hanging in a tree, reasonably close to the house and within view of a large window in our lounge room. Every morning I sit with my tea and IPad, soaking up the morning sun, checking emails, news, TGN etc. The comings and goings on that bird feeder are amazing. The different species, behaviour, who gets on with who and who doesn’t. I now have my bird book close handy “Field Guide to Birds of Australia “ and mark down who I recognise and the month I see them. I will try to post some photos, so you can get to meet some of our Aussie birds.