Free Chicken Webinar 9/22/21

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I post this one with a grain of salt or three....I've been getting this newsletter for several months now, and it seems to be mostly about trying to sell pricy online courses. But whenever I'm about to unsubscribe, she comes up with something that keeps me on a little longer. This time it's this free webinar on chicken raising, where she promises to talk about ways to raise your own chicken feed--always a topic of great interest to me. So maybe it's worth signing up for......


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    Well, I signed up just because I am curious.

    My first impression is that she sure thinks a lot of herself, claiming to know everything and calling herself an expert. Maybe showing went to her head? I know some whom this has happened to, and it can easily go to their head. It makes me very wary of their information. You can set yourself up as an expert, but should never say it out loud! It's just in bad taste.

    I will not show, even though I've been encouraged to and been praised on the quality of my birds. I think it is too a risky practice for any flock and a lot of hassle and unnecessary expense...and you are required to vaccinate them, which I won't do. Show birds may also look perfect, but often can lose important traits in that pursuit...much like in the dog & horse showing world.

    I hatched about 90+ chicks this year and do so pretty much every year, pick the traits of each bird carefully to fit the SOP and stay true to breed, and I will never be an expert. I know lots as most of you have seen, but there is always more to learn.

    If I was tech savvy, I could most likely do a website/blog and write informative ebooks. I've considered it, but that is so way out of my comfort zone (doing techy stuff), that I have never done so. Now, if someone would do the techy stuff, I'd gladly write.

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    I'm interested in that topic as well! Thank you for sharing this!

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    Thanks for sharing--I can't resist listening to this---never know!

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    She has likely followed a marketing course that tells people to call themselves experts so that people who don't know so much will feel like it's the one-stop shopping they have been looking for.

    You don't need to be techy to do all the things you're talking about. That said, I'm looking to create a BIG business in the health field and part of my business involves chickens (long story). Due to these rolling lockdowns and people losing jobs left and right, I feel compelled to provide employment opportunities for like-minded individuals. I will PM you with an overview. If it is of no interest, then just ignore :)

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    @AdrienneHew You are right. She most likely did. I hadn't thought of that. There are so many of those how to courses out there nowadays. You can put together almost anything with those. Of course, some have better or different/unique advice than others which accounts for the wide range of resources to choose from.

    I am intrigued by your idea, impressed with your dedication to helping others and I of course, I enjoy chickens. I am looking forward to your pm.

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    This sounds interesting to me too. I've heard a little about raising chicken feed before. I'm curious about what she will present in this area.😊