Vegetable broth

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I'm a big believer in food as medicine while still making it tasty so people will eat it :)

I make broth and use it as a base for stews, soups, cook rice etc. This recipe from Kami McBride showed up in my inbox. I found it an inspiration as I have but never thought to add astragalus. Here's the link.


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    Nice! Thanks for sharing! :)

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    Thanks for sharing. It is getting to that season again to be making broth. Kami has put some things in her broth that I will have to try.

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    I got the same email. Was getting ready to make bone broth today and thought about adding some of this to my bone broth, but decided I would start a separate batch for the medicinal broth. Not sure of the taste and I have a lot of chicken feet and will have several chicken carcasses I was planning to make broth with.

    So I figured doing two batches then if the medicinal batch is not especially tasty for us, we will have the option to have a small shot of the medicinal while still having the bone broth for cooking and other uses.

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    @vickeym I make my own version of a medicinal broth on a regular basis. To me it tastes good because everything kind of blends together but if you don't like it, you can always add things just for a flavor boost and for balance.

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    I love making medicinal and delicious broths for soup and stews. Adding chopped cilantro at the end is also medicinal, and the flavor is strong enough to hide some of the medicinal flavors.

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    @annbeck62 I usually put astragalus in my broths. From Kami's recipe, I also add reishi (sometimes turkey tail) and burdock root (dandelion, too). I've just started adding sea veg to my broths. I like using wine as the acid in my broths, although I do use ACV, too. Mostly white wine but red wine for the bison bones.

    I dry a lot of nettles but rarely use them for tea; most goes into my broth pots. Lots of weeds in my garden to add to a broth pot.

    I like adding black pepper, whole mustard seed and dried or fresh hot pepper. I usually save all the stems from my dried herbs and they go in the broth pot, too.

    Broths are a good way to use the small bulbs that grow on top of walking onions.

    When my family sees a bowl of veggie scraps in the fridge, they know I'll be making what they call "Compost Soup". 🤣

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    @torey Compost soup, love the name! I add a lot of those same things although I don't have turkey tail. I also put in miso and braggs aminos.

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    This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it! It is about broth time in my house. Duck season is starting up and there will be lots of bones that need to not be wasted.

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    Thanks for sharing this. I have made my own bone broth before so maybe I'll give this a try :).

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    Thanks for sharing! Very timely.

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    torey Thank you for sharing the things you put in your broth. I want to try making some of the medicinal broths and work into using that all the time. But I have never made it that way, and needed to hurry up and get the batch I had done so we could get to the next one. Would love to see what everyone uses. I will be experimenting with adding things and tasting in smaller batches at first. As I found out when we had covid, I can only use nettles in VERY small doses as I had a reaction when I tried drinking nettle tea.

    Between working full time and the farm, time is in very short supply. here right now. We are also doing a LOT of butchering right now. We are in the middle of butchering the second hundred meat birds we did this year. With about half of this group going in our freezers, everything else was sold.

    Next we have about 60 older layers that are going to be culled this year (stew birds) some sold some I will can. Then on to the two hogs we need to get done before it is too cold to work outside. Going out to cut up the chickens we butchered yesterday in the greenhouse we moved everything into since it was 21 degrees this morning. We set up a small propane heater in there right beside my table so I can work a little more comfortably. Another 34 birds to butcher on my next day off.

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    @vickeym I can see a lot of bone broth in your future! Good thing about the bones is that they will keep in the freezer until you have time to deal with them.

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    Thanks for sharing, @annbeck62

    The pictures make it look too delicious, don't they?

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    @annbeck62 because of this discussion, I was inspired to make a pot of medicinal chicken, veg & barley soup. Not quite “compost soup” @torey 😂. My parents swung by for a visit yesterday and stayed for lunch, so they got this soup. Both commented on how yummy and what was in it. I said “oh, you know things from the garden” they were happy with that! If they only knew. Besides all the things you would expect in this kind of soup, I was able to pass of nettle & dandelion leaves as spinach, chaga mushroom, turmeric & astragalus powder as stock. It is certainly true that your food is your medicine. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    Sounds like a great broth. I generally use ACV rather than lemon. There are several other things that I have never heard of adding, but will definitely consider.

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    I listened to the Sally Fallon podcast that Kami linked to. Very good.

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    I make medicinal broth. Astragalus taste fine in there. Peppercorns, turmeric, ginger, cat nip, dandelion, violets, lamb's quarters (basically any weed i feel like throwing in there) , peppers from the garden, usnea, all kinds of weird stuff. Always deliscious and I know our bodies are getting a huge variety of micro- macro- and vitamins of all kinds. Even dirt spores I'm sure😂

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    @vickeym May I ask, where do you get your chicken feet for broth?

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    We raise chickens both for eggs and meat. We sell our eggs locally and have LOTS of birds. Sold over 100 meat birds this year and dressed out 200. As our older layer birds get retired they are processed into stew birds as well.

    Just finished dressing out the last of the 200 meat birds so there were plenty to work with. Ended up giving some away to friends as I did not have time to deal with all of them and living off grid, freezer space to hold them was needed for other food that was higher priority.