Pine Essential Oil

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Does Pine essential oil have the same compound that wipes out Spike protein?

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    @Cornelius That's right! 😆 There is no reason for this to be political, and it is an interesting question that I am now curious about.

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    Sounds interesting. Would be nice to know.

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    I really hope someone with more experience in aromatherapy and the medicinal uses of EOs will jump in here if I am incorrect.

    Shikimic acid is the component of pine that is being credited with the antiviral properties. However, I can't find any research that indicates shikimic acid can survive the distillation process involved in making EOs. I have checked for the constituents of several varieties of pine EO but it is all volatile compounds that are listed, nothing about acids.

    To further the discussion around shikimic acid. The highest levels of shikimic acid are found in star anise at around 8%. To compare, pine species only have 1-2% shikimic acid on average. One species in China has been found to be higher at around 6% but the North American species are not as high. The White Pine that is being given so much press right now is only about 3%.

    The focus on plants containing shikimic acid is because it is the compound that is the basis for the antiviral drug Tamiflu. So while shikimic acid does have antiviral properties for the influenza virus, it may not be as effective against COVID. Tamiflu has been found to be not as effective against COVID as compared to the results against influenza A & B. Not all antivirals work on all viruses.

    I think pine EO can help with respiratory viruses (as in a steam bath) but that is from its volatile oil components, not from other constituents.

    I think pine tea is an excellent beverage with lots of health benefits when you are sick but I don't think it is effective enough to "wipe out" the spike protein on its own.

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    This is a very interesting discussion. I know pine needle tea is an antidote to the spike protein but do not know what specific compound helps or if it is the synergistic effect of multiple compounds. The spike protein is produced by those who have been vaccinated, "thrown off" and can be transmitted to those who have not been vaccinated but come in close proximity to someone who has. It can cause health problems but I do not believe ( but don't know and could be totally wrong) that it is a virus. I guess the first question is what part of the pine tree is used to produce the essential oil and is this consistent among brands. My hunch is if pine essential oil was as effective as pine needle tea, that information would be circulating around but that's just a hunch.

    Am interested to hear others opinions about this.

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    @torey and @annbeck62 Thank you both so much!

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