Austrian Winter Peas

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Does anyone have experience growing Austrian winter peas? I came across an article about growing them in late fall/early winter for greens to eat, not just as a cover crop, when I was browsing the other day. Got so excited at the prospect that I tracked down some seeds and ordered them. (Yet another excuse--err--I mean very good reason--to buy seeds!)

But then I couldn't find the article I was reading again. I found this one, not quite as good but okay. I figure it should be a good way to get some fresh greens this time of year for me and/or the chickens.


  • JodieDownUnder
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    @MaryRowe this might be one for @jowitt.europe I’m sure she’s had experience with them. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to keep a look out next growing season. They sound devine, the growing shoots taste like sugar snap pods with the texture of lettuce. It could become a favourite of mine!

  • jowitt.europe
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    @MaryRowe @JodieDownUnder i have never experimented with winter peas, but I have experience with normal peas which I have sown too late. By the time they started blossoming, the snow came. I pulled them out from under the snow and, to my surprise, the plants themselves were so sweet and crunchy. Since then I always add pea shoots and leaves to my salad. But I do not sow seeds so late again. May be I should.