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My mother had a rash for over one month. I believe it turned in to more of an allergy and was in her system as it started out at her neck and shoulders and slowly traveled her entire body. (what a nightmare!)

The doctor had her on a med but for only 5 days so it came back with a vengeance. He did put her back on a med but the rash was so bad at that time it was 24 hour care to try to keep her from digging and making it worse. I hope she never has this issue again. The rash is finally cleared up.

Does anyone know of a good cream for a itch that will sooth it? The store bought helped a little but I want to be prepared.

My mother also seems to itch a bit more now. I think its nerves. She is 92 and I have heard the elderly tend to have itching skin more.

@judsoncarroll4 did have a talk posted on allergies and rashes a few months ago. Good info here. https://community.thegrownetwork.com/discussion/846842/show-30-herbs-for-allergies-hay-fever-rashes-etc


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    @Monek Marie my understanding is calendula, calendula, calendula. Great for anything skin related, relieving inflammation and healing wounds, burns, rashes, itch, ageing, etc. When I make my batches, I also include, sweet almond oil and Vit E oil.

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    @Monek Marie Chickweed is a refrigerant so is useful in cooling inflammation and itching. Chamomile is anti-inflammatory and very soothing. Calendula is soothing and healing. Comfrey is very good for tissue repair. So salves with these ingredients alone or in combination. If you wanted to go one step further and make a cream, adding marshmallow tea as the liquid would be very nice. Teas are nice when cooled and used as a wash or added to bath water. Again, Calendula, Chamomile and Marshmallow for soothing and healing. Green tea for topical antioxidants and astringency (if that is needed).

    Rose hip seed oil is very expensive but it is very good for skin care.

    Oatmeal is widely used in skin care and bath products. Anti-inflammatory and lots of antioxidants. Grind it up really fine in a blender (till its powder) and add to bath water. Here is a recipe from the Herbal Academy. You could leave the EOs out or try whatever blend you think would be most appropriate.

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    Could be weakened liver. Have you tried bitters?

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    Sometimes a rash is the body's way of getting rid of something, just through the skin. I would second @judsoncarroll4's thoughts and give support to both the kidneys and the liver as well as supporting digestion to help move it out. Deal with it internally and externally. Maybe someone has additional thoughts on gentle supports for both?

    Is it possible to give her any lymphatic massage as well?

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    If she's on any medications it could be an allergic reaction. After I delivered my second child I had an allergic reaction to the epidural. It started as a rash on my arms and eventually spread to my entire body. It was awful took a steroid to clear it up.

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    Thank you all for your advice. It took 5 weeks and worked its way through her entire system but it has cleared up. I keep a close watch to make sure it does not come back. What a nightmare for both of us. She has been rash free for about a week and a half now.

    I am not sure but my mother had several mosquito bites (that she did not tell me about until later) and she has reactions to those bites. I think it caused internal. I have a bit of an issue with mosquito bites if I get about 20. Living by a creek its an issue here, plus you worry if they carry a disease.

    @judsoncarroll4 At this time her liver is good. At 92 organs do have a tendency to have issues quickly so she is checked often.

    Her meds were also looked at for reactions at they seemed ok.