So, it was a simple chair sale, involving the police - story

Monek Marie
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Yes, another quiet day at the homestead.

Saturday I went to look at a chair that would be more suitable for my mother. I thought I would buy it but just wanted to look. The chair was good and would suit what I needed but it was 5 pm and I just had my car and no way to haul it. The lady really wanted it gone that day. (they were clearing out a house and getting ready for a sale).

Well, I was not prepared to take it then, so was about ready to pass on it when she offered to deliver it. She had to go by my house later that evening. She and her daughter were going to a play in the town above where I live. The play would be done around 9 so delivery would be 9:30 pm or later. Being dark and rainy I figured this would end up an adventure for all, but we would not want life to be dull would we?

Well, at 9:45 they showed up. Since it had been raining you could not pull down in front of the house or you would be guaranteed to get stuck. So along side the road I had lights set up to see better and they had on their 4 ways and we planned to start unloading on one of the busiest roads in NW Pa.

The young girl was struggling to get the chair (rocking chair recliner) out of the car. As we were all debating how to do this the police pulled up behind us with lights flashing.

Yes, another quiet night at the homestead and one more story to be told around a winter fire.

The policeman gets out with a rather unique look on his face and the girl in the car said, "Well since you stopped can you help unload and carry this chair down to the house? Its dark, muddy and a 30 foot trip. He kind of looked stunned and slowly said yes.

I looked at him and said, "I imagine this is the last thing you expected to do tonight." He just laughed. And he now has a story to tell.

The chair made it safely to the front porch and I brought it in after thanking all who helped.

About 10 minutes later the phone rings and its a neighbor. Do you think I told them the real story??? Nope... let them invent their own story as I am sure they would doubt mine.