Productive things to do this winter


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    This is such a good idea! Thank you for posting!

  • Michelle D
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    Winter is so long here! It is so important to keep planning and stay productive even during the cold months or I wouldn't hardly get anywhere. I already do a lot of the things listed here. I like the suggestions about still being able to build when there is snow on the ground. I get a mental block as far as doing outside building projects when there is snow. I really need to get past that.

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    I always have pruning to do. Right now I need to put in some posts and put up some fencing to get my blackberry canes off the ground and also for grapes and raspberries. Need to process pumpkins. Even have some painting to do on my porch/carport (5 pillars). I can never get it all done.

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    If its a mild winter I have outdoor work to do that I have not been able to do.

    I have items to repurpose and I would like to do some crafting and crocheting projects.

    I am still downsizing... a never ending project since his house had three generations living here on and off they they left things behind.

    Start plants in the greenhouse.

    Get solar and rocket stove project done.

  • JennyT Upstate South Carolina
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    Love this article, it has several things I've thought about for years.

    I always wanted to be able to do them before but didn't have a homestead. This year I finally do.😁

    Thanks for posting the suggestion.@RustBeltCowgirl

  • marjstratton
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    Interesting suggestions. I also prefer doing construction in cooler weather, but then I'm also something of a cold woos too. But it needs doing. Also our winters are so wet that it makes some outdoor projects difficult. I need to work on some of the planning of projects too. We have a lot of repair work to do on the house and need to get to some of the inside work on that done this winter.

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    My top three projects are 1. continuing to work through my flat sheets, recycling them into crocheted rag rugs. They are all cut into strips and rolled into balls. But I am not quite done yet; 2. continuing to work through a stash of yard someone gave me crocheting it into various prayer shawls. I have made good headway, but again not quite done; 3. reduce and organize our 'memorabilia' (however you spell it!). I have it all gathered together on my craft table but I have not really dove into that yet.

    When those three projects are complete, I am going to be doing a JIG!!!

  • VermontCathy
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    Winter is my top time to plan the next year's garden, order seeds, decide whether to build more beds, and research new crops and growing techniques.

    I spend quite a bit of time reading and watching videos to get new gardening ideas, and winter is when I have the time to do it. Right now I'm exploring David the Good's new "grocery row garden", which plants a wide mix of different fruits and vegetables in a single bed that you can browse for food through much of the growing season.