I'm Back...computer gremlins

Happy to say I am back from my unplanned hiatus. My fairly new computer (May 2021) decided suddenly to have major issues. Out of the blue it would not get past the initial logo screen. Started making a beeping noise and a ticking sound but would not go any further. Unfortunately it was a refurbished machine so warranty was only 90 days.

Kept trying it just to see what would happen and got lucky. Yesterday, it decided it would start working again. I am lucky that I have very little on this computer. Most everything is stored on my external hard drive. So would not have lost much, except the cost and time waiting to get a new one I liked.

Love computers when they work right, but what a pain when they don't.



  • Monek Marie
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    Glad you are back @vickeym Anf that you did not have much on your computer to lose.

    I feel the same about computers. I call them a necessary evil. I love how easy it is to type and research using them. But I have learnedd a few new 4 lettered words since using.

  • Torey
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    I need to replace my computer. It is having issues and gives me orange warning triangles from time to time saying I am out of memory. But we have just spent a ton on electronics.

    We bought a new printer to replace the one that died a few months ago. We had been waffling over whether to spend the money on a tankless one, however, we were at Costco this week and they were on sale at quite a savings. So we splurged. Got it home to find out that neither of our computers is able to do the wireless hook-up so we still have to plug in. Not too big of a deal but while doing this, hubby discovered he didn't have a proper anti-virus and firewall so another expense.

    Then this week we had our new fibre optic TV and internet connection installed. Again, updates. We have a second TV so that my husband can watch his sports channels in another room where it doesn't drive me bananas. Wouldn't ya know; the TV was too old to hook up to the new service. The service guy actually laughed about how old it was. So another new electronic device.

    So no new computer for me until we recover from these expenses. I am doing daily back-ups so I don't lose anything.

  • Monek Marie
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    I have a new computer sitting here but I have to transfer some stuff and the day ends before I get it done.

    I have pages crash a lot, especially on a rainy day like today. Do do have everything backed up just in case the blue screen of death hits me and forces me to drop everything and get it done.

    I know the feeling of electrical devices being old and more than likely too outdated @torey I don't have a printer on this computer because none will work with it because its so old

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @torey They are sure an expensive bunch of things to have, and it is never ending & always increasing. I would miss having it, but sometimes I wonder how much happier we might be and how much we would save if we didn't have it. It really hasn't been long since internet, etc., has been available and I think we all did very well without it before.

    We run things until we have no choice but to replace them, and we were able to get a refurbished laptop through a computer for schools program. It keeps costs down at least a little.

    We no longer have TV service (it was going to get expensive shortly), and I have to say that we miss it very little. On that note, we don't miss the microwave either. A person really doesn't need as much as we have been led to believe and we can often be happier with just the basics...although learning online, using it as a tool, is really nice.

    @vickeym I am glad that you are back with us.

  • vickeym
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    I have a love hate relationship with our computers, the internet, cell phones, etc. As you said LaurieLovesLearning In many ways we would be better off without the internet and the constant connection. But then again, there are so many things I have researched, and learned, that I probable would never have been exposed to without it.

    torey They can definitely get expensive. I bought my new one refurbished. Was a very good price, but now I'm scared it will have more issues. Only came with a 90 day warranty. It is a Dell so I thought I would be ok.

    If I were to not be able to have computer access I would be quite upset though. Not because I don't have hundreds of other things I could be doing... but because a lot of my herbal, farming, gardening and cooking books are digital and I would hate to lose access to them.

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    @vickeym Glad you're computer is working again. Hope it keeps working!!

    I need a new laptop too. Mine doesn't like to type p's, :, ),and 0's. I forgot these too '! I have to press really hard and hope for one to appear! I can't type anything fast because all of those letters, numbers, and characters will be missing and then I have to go back and fix everything. Sometimes I just give up. So, if I ever post something missing any of those everyone knows why! 😁