Recycled material furniture

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Ideas for those odd scraps (especially since material costs are through the roof).


  • Monek Marie
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    Pallets are one of my favorite building materials. They may become more rare in the near future if wood becomes more scarce.

    Right now places like lowes either sell their "not quite up to snuff" lumber at a discount. Also check construction sites for their discards.

    And if an old house or small barn or shed in sitting in the neighborhood falling in you may be able to get a group together, make arrangement to purchase it, and repurpose anything you can. We have several small building here that are free for taking down. I only look at sheds or small barns. Other building have so much waste you have to dispose of it usually makes it impractical to tear down.

    Old unwanted doors can be turned into many useful items.

    If you can find wire wooden spools you can turn them into a lot and don;t forget those old not wanted tv centers. I have seen those repurposed into the coolest items.

    Thanks for sharing @RustBeltCowgirl This article makes me thing - which may or may not be a dangerous thing ;)

  • vickeym
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    We love pallets for all kinds of projects as well. Our greenhouse was built with pallets, some chicken coops, the fence for our hogs, even have a friend using them to build a house. We have repurposed pallets and scrap wood for almost everything we build at our place.