Loss of taste

Gradually, last week, I began loosing my sense of taste. By Friday, it was totally gone. I came down with an otherwise not too bad cold at the the same time. It is not COVID (already had that, and it was more severe) and my sense of smell is fine. I feel lousy, but not so bad that I can't work. Sinuses are slightly inflamed but not running or sneezing except for a few times last night... not much congestion. Fever is moderate and not constant. But, I can't taste... and I am Judson Carroll and my quality of life is basically a really good palate! I can barely taste salt, at all... brined green olives basically taste like old, really washed out mild black olives. I could not tell a pickle from a fresh cumber! Sweet is very muted. Sour is totally gone - I can't taste lime juice or vinegar. Bitter is muted but still there. Hot sauce is just hot, bit I can't taste peppers, tomatoes, meat, bread... I smell onions but can't really taste them. Spice, like cinnamon and nutmeg smells the same but has little taste. Peanut butter may as well be flour and water! @torey and everyone else... please give suggestions! The only thing I can really taste is parsley. It has been almost a week since I have tasted food. Coffee is like 50% flavor.