Interesting Weather Phenomenon

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I love watching the sky and learning about what I see and if it has any significance in telling you whats up (pun intended). I'm sure many of you enjoy watching the sky as well.

I found a really interesting article where I learned the names of some weather occurrences that I am familiar with and some that I had never heard of. I think you will enjoy learning about these (in some cases very unique) weather phenomenon.

Here are a couple more links:


  • Torey
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    What a great website.

    I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of these in my lifetime. The frost flowers are so cool! We see them frequently as the lakes start to freeze up. Certainly saw lots of those pyrocummulus clouds in 2017 & 2018 (not sure that was such a fortunate occasion). Fire devils and fire tornados, too. The Virga clouds are very commonly seen here.

    I have seen sun dogs and moon dogs but would love to see a moon rainbow.

    With the new double and triple glazed windows, you don't as often see frost patterns like the ones shown in this article.

    That is truly amazing about the lightning that occurs so often in Venuzuela! I remember seeing the pic of the ball lightning when it was shown on the news right after it occurred.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @torey I have seen all that you mentioned except pyrocummulus clouds and fire tornadoes, although one in Manitoba from a massive bale fire killed someone related to my husband. He got out from his truck and it sucked him in. There were a lot of people who watched it happen but were powerless. I saw it on the news before I had met him. It was horrific.

    I really loved the frost on windows when I was young & older. 😊 I loved the fanning & the segmented lines. A frost covered window is the most beautiful (and always unique) pattern in nature, IMO.I will have to watch for some this winter on one old window that we have left. Maybe it will be good enough to post a picture.

    I've heard stories of ball lightning rolling. Of course, I have no way to confirm those.

    Those donuts...there are also snowballs that can occur as well on flat ground due to high winds & the right type of snow.

    Ice can also form in floating circles. I don't remember the name for it, but it looks similar to an army of crop circles on ice. It is pretty.

  • Torey
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    That is awful about your relative, Laurie.

    I will try and get some pics of the ice flowers to post. I thought I noticed some the other day.

    I've never seen an ice circle before but have seen lots of pics.