FREE The GMP Series: Nov 8-17, 2021

"The right systems and processes are so important for the success of your herbal business. This is true for any type of herbal business but especially so if you make herbal products.

You need to have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in place so that you can show anyone who asks how you do things exactly what your procedure is."

This webinar goes through various record keeping that is necessary for a consistent product. I already do this when altering or creating a new recipe, but I suspect she will go over much more. There is also a paid course given as well that will include downloads, etc., but this part is free.

I don't currently have a link that I can post in this thread, but have asked the host for a link suitable for a forum post. If you are interested in this, check back here. I will post it in place of this last paragraph.