Boring Country life: Part one- A Cats Life -TGN Story Time

Monek Marie
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A story of life and part of the TGN stories we share on country life and happenings.

A cats life

I had a busy busy day lined up for today and really did not need a little unplanned activity in my life. But I did not pass this information on to my cat. This is a mistake I need to remember and correct.

I was redoing the one room upstairs, downsizing personal times and reevaluating shelves. I was busy enough running up and down stairs that I did not take time to keep the door shut to the upstairs. It's a habit I started keeping a few years ago to keep any cat down below in the family area. When contractors insulated the house two years ago they did not replace a few side boards in a crawl way and I did not notice this until I lost a cat upstairs. Yes, I truly lost a cat upstairs! I did find him after a punched a hole in a wall and tore up floor boards, You think this experience would have left a lasting impression... or encouraged me to get the boards back in place. No, it did not.

Well, the cat went up stairs and all seemed ok for a bit so I did not fret over him being up there. I called to him a few times and he peeked his head around the one landing with a total look of joy with a new experience and adventure.

About an hour later I decided it was time for him to come downstairs. I called to him and he did not come. This cat always comes when you call him. I cracked a can of cat food hoping the sound would encourage him to come down. When this did not help I knew today was going to be another adventure for me and the cat.

Hoping he had sneaked downstairs without me noticing I went from room to room calling his name. no luck! Until I went to my mothers room. I heard the faintest meow that I could not quite place. So I check closets. Again, no luck. I looked up at the ceiling hoping my ears were failing and that small meow was not coming from there.

After a break, I again went upstairs and called for the cat, no luck. I went downstairs and called and finally heard the cat in the kitchen ceiling, We have been working in one area of the ceiling so its open and low and behold, there is a cat face looking at me.

So now that the cat is located and unharmed it should be easy to get down, right?


Stay tuned for part two...