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hedgehog girl
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I've been using a chickweed/plantain salve, and more recently a chickweed tincture for toning my face. When I put the tincture on my cheeks, the fumes from it irritate my eyes, so I was wondering if a lotion could be made from the tincture and the salve? Or if the salve should have been an oil without beeswax to mix well?


  • Torey
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    @hedgehog girl I think you could melt the salve back to its liquid state and then make a lotion from that. You might need a bit more oil for a lotion. I'm not very experienced making lotions, so I don't know what proportions to recommend to you. A few drops of tincture shouldn't affect a lotion recipe that much.

    Another option would be to make a facial toner. You could add your tincture to witch hazel, aloe gel or hydrosols or a combination of any of these. Rose hydrosol is a common ingredient in skin toners I have seen.

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    @hedgehog girl you can melt the salve and add more oil (or infused oil) to make more of a lotion consistency. Or add a soft butter and then whip it to make a thick lotion/whipped butter. If it feels too slow absorbing or greasy you can add up to 10% arrowroot or cornstarch after the melted oils are cooled to just warm. If you add it too soon it can feel grainy. Did you use alcohol, vinegar or glycerin to tincture the herbs? If you used glycerin you can add that to your lotion recipe but it can give the lotion a sticky feel if you add too much. If you used vinegar or alcohol you can't really make a lotion but there are options. You can make a tisane using herbs good for the skin, green or white tea (both are really good for skin) a hydrosol, aloe (or any combination of these). If you want it more like a lotion and less like a toner, you can use 15% glycerin stir in 1% xanthan gum then add to other ingredients. The percentage to dilute will depend on your tolerance to the tincture.

    Whatever you try make notes in case you love it and want to recreate it later. I've learned the hard way, I think I'll remember what I did and most times by the time I need to make more I don't :(

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    @hedgehog girl As Torey mentioned rose hydrosol is great---I use it on a cotton ball and wipe my face, no lotion needed!

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    Here's a thought. Use the salve in areas closer to your eyes and the tincture further away?

    I know that a tea or tincture can be blended with oil to create a lotion, but I am not sure how beeswax already mixed into the oil would change things. I would have to look up the ratios of oil:tincture.

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    @hedgehog girl Kami McBride just posted a new free class on lotions. Might be something helpful in here for you.