GROW with Marjory Wildcraft and Team Member, Sarah Peterson

Please meet Sarah, our awesome fulfillment manager!

Sarah is our newest team member, though it's been over a year she has been with us and I don't know how we ever handled fulfillment without her!


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    Hi @PIP1022! 👋

    Our oldest likes tiny houses and our oldest boy has been putting plans together for his future house. He learned all about blueprints last year from some trade skills challenges for kids & teens and really likes designing & building things.

    If you are comfortable, a tour of your tiny house, highlighting your favorite things about it or special features would be fantastic! I know that there are other tiny house enthusiasts on the forum that would love to interact with you and learn from what you have learned.

  • Lisa K
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    Woo-hoo @PIP1022 another foodie!