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Why did it suddenly feel like Christmas? I bet part of it is that we got lots of our work done & we could take a break & be content today.

We have about 6" currently, and may get more through the night, but there is not near the amount they predicted for our area. It hit mostly north & way east of us, but lots of that snow will be lake effect off of our 2 large water bodies in the province. I understand that 7,000 will be without power until sometime tomorrow. Here is one picture & from what I understand is most likely somewhere around where I grew up, approximately an hour or more northeast of our place. Yes, it looks like winter has finally come. 😄



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    Seems a bit early for you. I have a friend in Alberta and I believe she has a little bit of snow but nothing like your picture!

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    This is actually quite late for us. We've had above normal temperatures and no snow until this one. We are two weeks late! I remember snow coming on Oct. 31 and staying. I think we are just playing catch up. 😄

    Where is she in AB? I'm just curious. My husband lived in AB way back when.

    Alberta is quite different. They have their own type of weather. They have many warm spells that come through called chinooks. They can have a huge storm (and or cold) & it can melt either that same day or a day later. It reminds me of the southern Black Hills to some extent as far as weather goes. It is very rare that a chinook makes it out this far from the mountain/foothills/western prairie areas. Western Saskatchewan gets them more regularly as well.

    This particular storm also built up as it moved east, and dropped more just east of us as well. The wind was absolutely nasty yesterday evening & last night.

    Major highways & many others are closed, then there is ice, slush & snow on most others. We got the least here. We still have power & the highways nearby are bare, although to the east the roads get worse.

    Yes, this is starting to look a lot like winter! 😄

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    Yuck. And here I thought I was having a bad day yesterday. My dentist's appointment got bumped up to yesterday and wouldn't you know, we had our first skiff of snow that made the roads "glazed". So it was a very cautious first half hour of our 4 hour drive. After that there was very little snow and the roads were very good. By the time we got home last night it was gone, as it warmed right up. Didn't even freeze last night.

    I didn't hear anything on the radio about your horrendous weather and we were listening to CBC news while driving. I will continue to be very grateful for our milder weather.

    Glad you got most of your chores done and it was more of a relaxing day instead of rushing around in terrible weather trying to get things finished.

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    We also have had a late start to winter. Unfortunately the cold came well before the snow. We got maybe an inch or so. While my brother in Anchorage a couple hours south and east of us got over a foot in the last two days. I'm afraid when it does come we will get dumped on hard. And of course the cold coming first means break up will be a mess and take forever.

    If a fox had not gotten our first duck when we used to free range she would be very happy to have our driveway turn into a lake where she decided it would be a great place to swim and have fun.

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    @torey Except for the chicken pen & my husband's mess outside, it was so good for once to get everything done. It is strange, but it is so nice to be satisfied instead of grateful that the mess is all covered & trying to ignore the fact that there will be more work in spring because of it.

    The pens can still get done, so that's not a huge issue.

    A good addition to this too is that we also rearranged our living room to give an illusion of more space, and for now, the kids are cooperating in keeping things caught up & tidy. It is pretty freeing to be able to breathe for a change. I could have unexpected visitors and not feel like I would have to excuse the mess.

    It is good motivation to try to keep pushing myself to do a little more toward the goal of clutter freedom each day.

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    We are projected to get our first snow tonight. I was about to complain about it when my father-in-law reminded me that we already had 10 inches on the ground this time last year. Counting my blessings and rushing to finish up a few projects in the yard before they get covered!

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    @Michelle D Then you can stop and enjoy the break tomorrow.

    We are getting a decent snowfall today, this time without the wind to blow it away. I do enjoy how bright it makes everything in the house.

    I am busy doing up buttercup squash that our oldest brought here with her. I had done up about 13 yesterday & had 50 left. I am not sure how long they might last because they may have gotten slightly frozen. Nothing except for a few stems are soft this morning. I have some in the oven & 35 left to go.

    I plan on giving some away to a guy who relies on the slim and not necessarily balanced offerings of a soup kitchen, some to some friends who have only disability income (they would get unprocessed squash...whew!), and see what we have from there. Of course, we will keep what we are able to as well.