Show 55: Herbs for Burns, Wintergreen/Pipsissewa and Indian/Ghost Pipe


  • Torey
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    You disseminated a lot of info in this one, Judson.

    Gotta say how much I love kale, and no Italian in this gal! Its a Scottish thing. My granny used to make kale soup and put a bit in her cock-a-leekie soup, too. Kale chips, yummm. I'm having the last bit out of my garden tonight for dinner. I think the frost last night and for the next few nights will finish it off.

    I'm including a link to an article by Ryan Drum that I thought would interest you. He has two different case studies on the use of ghost pipe. The other monographs are pretty good, too.

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    My great grandmother was a Thompson and there are mote MCs in my family tree than you could swing a stick at... I've had plenty of cock-a-leekie... never had kale in it though... wonder never cease!

    I can't say I've had the same results in terms of dreams... but, it is much like opium. It does merge waking and sleep and dreams can be vivid. I am also pretty sure I met the author a decade or so ago... couldn't swear to it though.

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    Relatively recently, I was introduced to kale. I was raised on collard greens. Once my mom picked baby broccoli leaves, thinking they were collards, and they were good, too.

    Great information. We used to pick wintergreen on family outings in the forest.