Time to scavenge for pumpkins....

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Seems the trend this year was for everyone to buy several small baking pumpkins and heirloom squashes for decorations rather than to carve big pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns. They will all be thrown away between now and Thanksgiving. SO, today I began asking the neighbors (around my mom's house in the NC sandhills... I don't really have neighbors where I live) if they had plans for them or would be throwing them away. So far, none plant to cook them - what a waste of food! So, I asked them to place them at the end of their drive ways when they are through with them and I'll be glad to pick them up. I got some funny looks, but I just answered, "I LOVE pie!" Which, is true. But, I also love pumpkin roasted or dried and added to to soups, cooked with roasted meats... even do a leftover turkey and pumpkin ravioli in sage and butter sauce which is phenomenal! The seeds are also very good soaked in slat water then baked until crispy - better than sunflower seeds. I have some good pumpkin beer recipes, pumpkin bread recipes, pumpkin pudding, savory pumpkin soufflé,... even a chicken soup cooked in the pumpkin itself. Do y'all have any good pumpkin recipes? If not, they make great free chicken feed, too.