Materials Needed to Make Garden Bed

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I need to solve a problem I have with that 11 inch wide space and about 12 foot long garden space. I want to make it more of a raised bed. This year I used a compost to help the soil and it worked well. One side is the apartment base (ground floor) and the other side is a curb. The outside of the apartment is stucco. Lumber was expensive so none was used this year.

Are there any suggestions to raise the bed up? If the bed was able to be raised up it would be better (in my opinion) for the hips and knees). Something that might hold the soil in?

I will be raising carrots, peas, beans, greens (Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard).


  • Torey
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    I'm not sure what to suggest for construction materials but as you have stucco on the outside of the apartment, you may want to apply some sort of waterproofing so that the stucco doesn't sluff off or become compromised with the damp soil.

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    @torey The stucco is further up from my garden bed. But thank you for the reminder. I do appreciate it.

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    @dipat3005 not sure where you are at, but I am contemplating bricks this year. My only worry is we get very hot in the summer and it may cook the roots. Also check the prices of different sizes of wood. My friend hat works for HD says he 2x10 or 12’s have not increased that much in price compared to more popular 2x4’s, 4x4’s or plywood. I have not had time to verify that yet.

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    @dipat3005 Try placing empty plastic planting containers upside down in the garden, and then put the soil on top of them. This provides spaces for root systems. Enjoy with love

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    @SuperC I love this idea! Thanks I do have empty plastic containers around. Great idea to use them!

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