Passion flower vine as a house plant

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I am thinking that this would be a good choice for me to grow indoors. Considering that there are over 500 varieties, which would be the best medicinally? How large do they get?

I am asking here, and have many other questions. I will be researching this further & checking for what Richters might have to offer, but also want to know what anyone here has to give for information or advice.

Richters has this one that is medicinal, so this is most likely what I would get:


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    I too have been interested in passionflower, but have been dissuaded by learning that a mature plant could cover the side of your house.

    Right now I have one ginger, one pomegranate and three moringa plants taking up space in my house. My upcoming transfer of the moringa into tree sized pots with rolling bases is probably going to dismay my husband. He is looking forward to my getting them off the dining room table for the holidays and doesn't yet know he is going to have to walk around them. The cats should love hiding within the mini forest though.

    I am still amazed by the sturdy and fast growing moringa plants that I grew from seed. They don't seem to be fazed by indoor conditions at all.

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    @shllnzl I think trimming should keep it down. You would certainly have lots of tea! 😉

    I forgot about moringa. I will have to check Richters for that too or look elsewhere up here. The problem is that I have a lot of indoor plants with very little space and a few of them are young trees as well.

    I will continue to try ginger.

    I am hoping to find smaller plants to plant in a shorter area with a grow light & indirect south sourced light.

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    Here is a link to it being a good houseplant, but does mention its size. If it got large, I would tend to see if a cutting might root, & so then start another plant & see if any indoor garden/atrium place might be interested in the larger plant.

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    Ah, reading this reminds me of having an ideal home of the SW facing walls be a solarium. Ah, the warmth, and relaxation. Good luck growing your passionflowers @LaurieLovesLearning

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    I have a few passion flower plants inside. As long as you give it a stick you should be able to control its growth (you will want a long stick) (I have yet to get a flower though).

    There is a dwarf variety of moringa on which will help keep it in a pot.