Homesteading in the Soviet Union

Wow, the dacha (farm) was only about a half acre? Interesting article.


  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @RustBeltCowgirl This is an interesting article based on a first hand account. It fascinated me to some extent as I too, believe that the way to really understand a people & culture is to visit the country folks at their home, eat their food, converse with them. That is where you will learn so much.

    I also was interested in learning more because my ancestors have a history in Prussia, so some things will be somewhat similar to where this author went.

    It also sent me on a rabbit trail looking at other articles to find out more about the site & its writers, etc.

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    Russians are remarkable people. The Soviet government was a nightmare and often harder on the Russian people that even the nations they ruled by force. For reasons unknown to me, I get along well with all Slavic and Germanic peoples. We share a great kinship although not related. A lot of it comes down to a love of the garden and mushrooms from the woods.