Poisonous (to our pets & livestock) Plants

I came across this article and thought it had some pretty good info in it.

Some I already knew about but others were a surprise.


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    Thanks! I knew some too but was surprised about Geraniums. I keep mine in my garage over the winter & my cat thinks he goes outside when he goes in the garage. We call it his man cave. He sits on top of the car when it's warm but he also nibbles on my plants out there. I put a barrier around all of my plants this year because he loves to nibble on them. Being a cat he could jump over it if he really wants but so far he's satisfied just sitting on the warm car.

    I bought a cyclamen last week but then I saw it outside with the pansies at Home Depot when we went to get some bricks. I looked it up because I thought it was an inside plants. Turns out it is cold hardy here just like pansies but it's poisonous to cats. I came home and put it outside on my front porch since my cats are inside cats.

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    I am surprised by several of the plants listed as well.

    Many I have and many more I want to have. My cats are currently in the house but will be outdoors mostly when they get bigger. And we are waiting a little longer on getting a dog because we are in too small of a space currently. We have to finish the renovations on our house yet.

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    We've fed apples to our horse. Not the leaves, just picked apples. She ate what she wanted & left the rest. I wonder if it is more the wilting leaves that can be more of an issue.

    Raw potato, avocado (I guess this falls under "birds"), onion, citrus are poisonous to chickens. There are a few more plants that are toxic to them as well.

    I've read that chokecherry is toxic to cattle, but we've had some cows (a jersey & one beef-dairy cross that mowed down any bushes or trimmed (one of my best tasting chokecherry bushes) so that absolutely everything was out of reach...that is, what the one didn't destroy otherwise. That one was their favorite bush too.

    I was told long ago that most house plants grown are toxic.

    I had a cat that looked drunk a long time ago. His eyes moved constantly and couldn't focus, thus a loss of balance. It was an indoor/outdoor cat. The vet figured that it was either antifreeze or an invested plant. The symptoms are similar. The cat was kept for observation until he threw up. The conclusion was most likely poinsettia. He didn't eat much and never nibbled on it again. It won't kill them, but the symptoms, as funny as they appeared, were very concerning.

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    Wow, that is an extensive list. Thanks, @torey.

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    I noticed apricots and peaches are poisonous to dogs, cats, and horses. It must have been a goat or a cow that finished mine off.

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    Was surprised to see garlic on the list. Growing up (so many years ago) in Florida it was common to give dogs garlic to help repel fleas. There are sand fleas there that will drive animals and people crazy with the bites and itching. We would sprinkle just a little garlic powder on their food once or twice a week.

    Had a chihuahua and several saint Bernard's as well as a couple mutts we gave it to over the years. All lived to ripe old ages.

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    Here, we grow most of the ones mentioned on the list, outdoors. We do get Easter Lilies for the house. Holy cow there are so many. So if tomato plants are toxic, is the fruit also toxic?

    Thank goodness there are some edible flowers: Pansies