Tropical seed/Plant sources

Right now, a Canadian supplier of exotic/tropical plants, Tropic of Canada, is taking pre-orders (Nov/Dec 2021 for spring 2022). I think this is the coolest selection of great plants. Some can be container grown indoors. 😍🤩 It's a dream list as far as I'm concerned & very drool worthy.


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    I've got a new seed source to add. They are based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Some seeds are very pricey. They cover many zones and have a very unique collection that spans all plant types. Some are really interesting. 😍

    It carries a lot of "giant" fruiting & flowering plants as well.

    Edit: I'm not sure how legitimate the site is, but it's fun to look through. I'd recommend checking other sources and being very careful where you buy things from.