Pine pitch to the rescue again

I brought home a half bushel of oysters today. But, a relative had, unknown to me, re-organized much of my kitchen. I could not find my oyster knives... not in any drawer or cabinet. I tried various implements until the knife and oyster both slipped and the very sharp NC sub tidal oyster shell sliced only and inch wide into my finger but clear down to the bone. My hand bled like crazy until I got some dried, powdered pine pitch on it. It is amazing how well pine pitch works. You just kind of mound it up and apply pressure until the bleeding stops, then let it all dry. I finally found my knives... in a box with whet stones and various utility knives. i would advise people never to even move something that belongs to another, especially a tool. But, if for some reason you have to, tell them where it is!


  • SuperC
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    Glad your bleeding stopped with a resource of pine :)

  • vickeym
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    Oh my. Sorry to hear your cut yourself so badly. Having just gotten my healed though still throbbing sometimes. I don't envy you. Have not tried the pine pitch for bleeding yet. I grabbed the cayenne to stop mine.

  • Michelle D
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    @judsoncarroll4 I'm glad to hear that you stopped the bleeding. I love your advice about the pine pitch and about leaving stuff alone. I hate it when people move my stuff too! I share a house with 6 other people. It takes forever to find things sometimes. Anyway, I hope you heal quickly!

  • judsoncarroll4
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    Thanks y'all - I'm not typing much today but am healing up fine.