Rising prices

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Saw a post from another group tonight that showed a news clip saying General mills will have a 20% price hike starting in January.

Just a few brands produced by General Mills...

Muir Glen, Green Giant, Annie's, Yoplait, Progresso, Pillsbury, Bisquick, Gold Medal, Larabar, Gardetto's, Nature Valley, Bugles, Blue Buffalo dog food, Betty Crocker, Old El Paso...

That's a LOT of everyday brands, and that's gonna be a LOT of extra money out of our pockets -- whether it's from rising food prices, gasoline prices, or household energy expenses this winter.

The manager at the grocery where I work told us today right after he got a phone call that freight costs are going up by 5.25 % starting in 2 weeks. I know we already pay something like $100 per pallet that is delivered. And that is in addition to the freight costs to get it to Alaska in the first place. That is just the cost to get it from Anchorage to the little village I live in about 140 miles from the outskirts of Anchorage.


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    Great incentive to go back to basics and make our own instead of relying on the convenience of pre-made.

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    All those companies will certainly feel a pinch as people start buying less &/or possibly switching brands.

    I am so glad we grew food this year and we make most food from scratch (but we still need to buy the "scratch"). Even so, our list is a mile long. I bet I will continue to be picking & choosing, only getting the most urgent, to cut down on the final tally. This is not a new concept to me, as I have done this often over the years, but it is never fun to strike things off.

    We keep telling our kids that it looks like a time is quickly coming where certain fun foods as they know them will no longer be on our table. It is a matter of picking & choosing which extras to get and what previously considered standards are really standards/staples.

    This Christmas may not have as many special celebration goodies as in the past. If this trend continues (and I can't see how it won't with our freely spending pm and the failed economy), next Christmas will be skimpier yet!

    We will adjust & adapt. We always did so in the past, and will once again.

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    LaurieLovesLearning You are correct. We also try to make as much of our own as we can. Even thought about once we get more clearing done for the garden trying to squeeze out a spot to grow some wheat or other grains for flour. We have been working hard on becoming more and more self reliant and less reliant on the commercially produced products.

    Our leaders keep spending like money does indeed grow on trees. Then they just print more to make up for it. Our dollar's value is being deflated so fast I fear it may collapse completely one day.

    After they shut down everyone with the lockdowns and such they decided on adding $10 million plus for "gender programs" in Pakistan into the stimulus bill they passed.

    How that applies to a stimulus package for the US citizens put out of work by the regulations is beyond me. Or having the folks who were not working (some by choice, at least in our town) making double what those of us who stayed on the job because we work at an "essential" business refuse to come back to work till the benefits expired because it would mean a cut in pay.

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    @vickeym You described what is also happening here.

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    One thing I was hoping for this year like last year that Christmas be less commercialized but Walmart has totally done away with their Gardening section and added to their Toy section and Christmas decorations. When I stated to an employee that I wish their corporate office realized that in CA we can garden all year long and his response was that this is when they make the most money.

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    prices up, contents volume often goes down as well

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    Lisa K The commercialism has gotten crazy. A couple of stores here started Christmas music the day after halloween. Guess they got too many complaints because they went back to regular music after about a week.

    silvertipgrizz You are definitely correct. The sizes keep shrinking, packaging often stays large but there is less and less actually in the package.

    We don't buy much ice cream or stuff like that but I noticed the "half gallon" in now less than 3 quarts and the price is twice what it was at the actual half gallon. Here in our town they are about $7.99 for a container now and that is every brand. Pints are about $6.99 and you can't even find the cheap brands.

    Milk is about $5 or $6 a gallon depending on brand and half gallons are often as high or higher for half the amount. Luckily I found out yesterday our cow share is available again. They just had a calf born so milk will be ready for us by next week.