Street Hockey

Not all Canadians love hockey. We fit that description. I realize those are sacrilegious words to some Canadians. But, we are foremost a judo family, not a hockey family. However, the kids have skates, sticks and a puck and like to explore & have fun.

We have no ice close by, but we have a somewhat icy lane. So, after chores were done this morning, these three took the initiative to clean off the lane with shovels & a broom to help clear & polish it a bit (not a curling broom, haha).

I could have called them in, but I figured that school books can wait until later, when the wind brings the temperature down. A little phys. ed & practicing cooperation with siblings is important too.


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    Looks like they are having fun. And learning valuable lessons as well.

  • Torey
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    Not a fan of hockey, either, Laurie. :)

    My daughter went down to the lake edge to check it out today but its not good skating ice. Too thin at the moment anyhow, but we had rain that turned to snow and this had fallen on the very thin layer of ice that had started to form. So the snow melted into the rain as slush and became a new layer of ice during the night. She says it is like a crusty, marbling on the surface. So it will require more warmer temps for a bit of a melt or another rain to help smooth it out for skating. Not too likely in the near future.

    We have a bit less snow than you do. When it came it was wet, coastal snow and now the temperature has dropped so it is very crusty.

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    I just looked at the picture a little more closely. It appears as though they used their Tonka equipment to help clear snow too. They left a toy grader just into the snow.

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    Fun! I love finding creative things to do in the snow!