The best socks ever

I was reading a short discussion about the best socks.

Christmas is coming, and socks seem to always appear under the trees. It is something everyone needs.

This made me wonder about the brand you like best & why.

I prefer merino wool because it is comfy no itch, warm, anti-stink, anti-bacterial. Some of mine are getting holes in them, but I don't remember the brand and I am not sure if the store I bought them in still has them.

I want socks with as little synthetics as possible (I don't know if that is practical, but it is my preference). I went searching, and found the Darn Tough company in Vermont. They have expensive socks, but also have a lifetime guarantee, supposedly with no catch.

The highest merino wool content they have is an 80%. It is a Hunter Over-the-Calf Heavyweight Hunting Sock, which is a little taller than I'd like, but I can always fold them down.

I would use these in my harvester mukluks, which are my "dress" shoes.

So, what do you like? Have you ever worn merino wool socks? Have you ever worn the Darn Tough brand?


  • Tave
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    I've never bought moccasins from Manitobah, but I loved the ones I had. They were so comfortable.

  • shllnzl
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    I bought overstock items from They are well made cotton socks in unusual patterns. They are generally a subscription purchase, but I have been able to buy with single orders by signing up for their emails. allows for individual sock purchases.

  • vickeym
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    Wow, they are certainly not cheap. As fast as my husband goes through socks, I might try a pair of the darn toughs anyway.

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @LaurieLovesLearning hands down for me, the best socks I’ve ever worn are a brand called Ventury. Expensive yes but Ive had 5 pairs for 4 years and not look like buying anything else. (I also share with my wife) Wear them everyday and when I’ve done a couple of hiking trips, no foot issues or blisters. They stay up and you never touch them. Can’t speak highly enough of them.

  • monica197
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    Has anyone tried socks from this company?

    US organic grown cotton

    Manufactured here in the US

    Family run business

  • marjstratton
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    I sure like my Smartwool socks. My husband usually buys Costco wool socks. He has also bought Darn Tough socks because he likes their guarantee although he has never needed to return any of their socks.