Contrary to what this article claims about it being commonly used in Canada, I've never heard of this product. It is an interesting concept, if it could ever be expanded.


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    I heard about this a couple of months ago. My SIL was looking into alternative building materials and came across a Calgary company that was making hempcrete. I had no idea how many companies were doing this until just now when I started a search to find the company my SIL was looking into.

    This is another Canadian company, although not sure where they are located. There is a link called Hempcrete & Science on the main page that will take you to a page of studies and other links on the science behind the chemical properties, structural strength, thermal barrier, etc.

    This one is in Alberta as well.

    This one is in BC.

    It looks as though most of the finishes are a stucco so they have kind of a southwestern look to them. Although, I would imagine that you could do whatever you wanted with the surfaces.

    Its certainly an intriguing concept. Very easy crop for farmers to grow. Hemp seed is a nutrient dense superfood so two excellent crops from one planting.