Did you know? Lead content

Did you know that not only is lead found in old paint, but it is commonly used as a cheap stabilizer in vinyl (even in expensive handbags, etc.) & PVC? I read this on a handbag site while looking for something, and it was something that I hadn't been aware of.

It really makes one think about what you use in your home & yard & for what purpose.


  • kbmbillups1
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    I used to follow someone on Facebook who tested everything you could think of for lead. I was very surprised at some of the things she found with lead in them - even plates, bowls, cups, glasses, baking dishes, etc.

    At that time she had found that IKEA coffee cups, drinking cups, bowls, plates etc didn't have lead or at least under the "acceptable" amount - I can't remember which. I was glad to have to have those things because a lot of the others were very high.

    If I can think of her name I'll post it. I stopped following her because she started posting a lot of political stuff and our views were very different. Wish she'd have stuck to lead testing.

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    Yes, I had heard that the vinyl used in handbags had lead. Don't know where or why I learned that since I have rarely owned or used handbags.

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    @marjstratton I am the same.