Potluck dish

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Yesterday I went to a holiday gathering and needed to bring a dish to share. I threw this together and it ended up being the hit of the party so I thought I'd post it. This is how I made it but you can throw it together with whatever you have :) I didn't use a recipe but will try to approximate

Rice salad

I C forbidden rice (can use whatever kind of rice your want)

1 3/4 C medicinal broth (can use water or any broth

I sauted:

1 onion, 1 onion and about 5 cloves garlic then added the cooked rice and took off heat

I added about 1/2 C homemade sundried tomatoes marinated in olive oil, 1 1/2 C kimchi, 4 shredded carrots, 1 1/2 C chopped parsley, a handful chopped olives

That may or may not have been it. Can really add whatever you have on hand. It was super easy and delicious :)