Pears and Pomegranate


  • Torey
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    This looks like a lovely recipe to go with Christmas dinner. Or maybe the next day with leftovers. MMMM!

  • silvertipgrizz
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    @torey I thought so too.

    One of my absolute fav salads was one I always got at a restaurant in AK.... It was a huge salad on a flat oval plate with lots of the usual, but the addition of pear slices, fairly thin but still hold it's shape, and lightly roasted walnuts. To top that plate of awesome off I got the same dressing every time and had it put in a bowl so I could add it as I went...I don't like wilted salads lol... It was awesome raspberry vinaigrette. Another restaurant I visited less but had real good food served the best cranberry vinaigrette... It was sooo good.

    Let us know if you try it and if so what you thought.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!!!!

  • Cornelius
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    Looks tasty! 😋

  • jowitt.europe
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