Herbal medicine poultice for Breast Cancer

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My name is Diane, and my daughter who is 34 has been diagnosed with triple negative aggressive breast cancer. She wants to heal herself naturally.

Does anyone in this community recommend a poultice that can be applied to the breast, that can draw the toxins out of the breast lymph ducts.

Thank you in advance.



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    Hi @DianeLabega Welcome to TGN's forum. I am sorry that your daughter has received this diagnosis.

    I have never used a poultice to treat any kind of cancer. Not saying it can't be done but with this type of aggressive cancer, it is best to follow the medical recommendations for treatment and use CAM treatments as adjuncts.

    I am going to leave you a few links with regards to some CAM treatments that your daughter can discuss with her practitioner.

    First, I will suggest that you get Susun Weed's book, "Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way". Susun has quite a bit of experience treating women's issues.

    This link is to the National Cancer Institute's info on medicinal mushrooms. Turkey tail and Reishi are the two recommendations. Because this is breast cancer, I would suggest chaga as well, as it has an affinity for women's cancers. This page is for health care practitioners but there is a link close to the top that will take you to a patient page.

    This one is a study on Reishi.

    This is a study on luteolin which can be taken as a supplement.


    I hope you are able to find something here that is useful for your daughter.

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    @DianeLabega @torey is one of our resident herbalists, very knowledgeable in working with herbs.

    Susun Weed is highly respected in the herbal community, especially in women's issues, and has many years of experience. She is certainly a reliable source of solid herbal information, even if you don't agree with her other beliefs, which she is very open about. So, just a heads up if that may be of concern. She does have a forum with a specific space for those with breast cancer. http://www.herbshealing.com/wisewomanforum.htm

    I remember hearing about how frankincense resin, not the essential oil, is good topically for breast cancers.

    I will have to do more research and I will try post what I find if I can find it. I will also post if I discover anything else as I do my search.

    I would look into lymphatic massage techniques for the breast. The best lymphatic massage is done with the lightest strokes as you barely touch the skin. Lymph is just beneath the skin. If you press too much, you won't be moving it effectively.

    I had a friend who battled breast cancer. I talked with her through her experience. She is now on the other side. She chose full conventional treatment, and didn't choose any alternatives, but it isn't the choice that everyone wants to take.

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    I contacted the Herbal Academy for information on their Held in Hope series about treating cancer. I am waiting for a reply. If nothing else, I can forward their emails to you. I would only need your permission. I would just ask that you please don't post your contact information publicly.

    You may want to discuss this subject with @dipat3005, a member on the forum. I've just tagged her, so she will show up in this discussion.

    I tried to find some really good information by a naturopath who used to grace our pages back in 2018. She is one who said to use frankincense resin, not the e.o. The extraction process of e.o. from the resin does not contain the properties that are effective. You need the ground complete resin.

    Unfortunately, the full discussion is no longer present & was lost in the forum reformatting. 😞 All the major herbal companies should have top quality resin available hopefully. Sometimes it can be hit & miss with availability nowadays. Mountain Rose Herbs, Frontier, Banyan should have it. You would be getting the actual tree resin so it should be 100% pure.

    @torey Did you record any of the information Heather had written on cancer treatment & frankincense before the switchover?

    I will take a look in my herbal books and see if I can find anything else to suggest, but Torey probably covered those well enough.

    Here are two comments that I found while looking for through above now muddled discussion. Both recipes below use e.o. If you choose to use these suggestions (not sure what cancers these were intended for), I stress again, use the resin as it is complete.

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    Rosemary Gladstar says to avoid estrogenic foods, white flour, sugar, refined foods, coffee, chocolate, black/green teas. Increase foods high in vit C, E, selenium, complex carbs (veg & whole grains). Eliminate red meat or if you must, eat limited organically raised meats. Decrease fats, especially animal fats.

    She creates an immune cleanser and has recipes in her book.

    She recommends green volcanic clay above all other clays for a poultice. A castor oil pack is also recommended. The following is also in her book, Herbal Healing for Women.

    What do you make of this, @torey from Matthew Wood:

    Dry Brushing is recommended by Michael Tierra in the Way of Herbs for cancers.

    Above all, I would recommend finding a really good, registered herbalist, and with everything I read, in conjunction with other therapies. A good herbalist that can work with others can tailor the treatment to her specific constitution and situation and make sure that safety is paramount in the use of combined herbs & any other treatment used.

    Please keep us updated, @DianeLabega.

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    @DianeLabega I heard back from Herbal Academy.

    Here is a link to their cancer care course:

    Here is a link to the free email series mentioned in the link above:

    If the link is outdated or something, let me know and I will pass along the emails that I received. They gave me full permission to do so.

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    Thank you so much. Received Rosemary Gladstar books yesterday.

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    Sorry, it has taken me a bit of time to get back to this.

    I have done some research into S. marylandica but can't find any studies done on this particular species. There is information in some herbals such as Matthew Wood and Rosemary Gladstar have written but nothing scientific. However, there is research into other Scrophula species that indicate they may be useful in treating tumours (S. nodosa and S. radix).

    The info that Rosemary Gladstar has given in her book is what I would choose to follow.