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My mother was put on in home oxygen after her pneumonia and last hospital visit. They said there was water outside her lungs. It could have been from pneumonia or her heart issues. In order to get her home she agreed to oxygen.

She started out on level one and they bumped her to level two. With exercise I have her below level one. I am hoping to try and get her off during the day. On oxygen she will not go out in public and its harder for her to exercise.

Any ideas that might help her?


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    There are several herbs (and homeopathic remedies) that are suggested for pleurisy or pleural infusion.

    Pleurisy root (Asclepias tubersosa) is probably the most well-known and used plant for pleurisy, hence its common name. Its also a fairly common homeopathic remedy.

    Elecampane (Inula helenium) is a very well known lung herb with diuretic, expectorant, antibacterial and immune boosting properties.

    If you can find Osha (Ligusticum porteri), it is used to assist with oxygen exchange.

    Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is great for helping to relieve congestion in the lungs which may be occurring due to outside pressure.

    Lungwort. There are two types of lungwort; Pulmonaria officinalis which is a fairly common garden plant and Lobaria pulmonaria which is a tree lichen. Both are well used lung herbs. Lobaria is also a fairly common homeopathic remedy but it goes under the older name of Sticta.

    For food-type remedies:

    Golden Milk (with turmeric) can help in general with any inflammation in the body. Cinnamon is used in Ayurveda to assist with relieving respiratory issues. Tulsi is a lovely tea and can help with respiratory conditions.

    Could you explain the difference in the levels? I am more accustomed to having it in litres/minute. Usually 5 litres/minute is the starting point. Some of our O2 tank regulators will let you choose any amount starting with 1 litre but some are just in increments of 5. So 5, 10 & 15. Is she just using tanks or does she have a machine?

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    One liter. My doc calls them levels.

    She has tanks, machine and small portable to encourage her to move. My goal is to get her off air as much as possible. I think she will need it at night, but her shallow breathing has improved.

    I have the golden milk recipe but have not tried it. I will give everything a try.

    @torey will mullein help with mucus? she never had an issue until air was introduced

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    @Monek Marie Yes, mullein is a very good expectorant. Its one of the top herbs I am suggesting for the respiratory illnesses that are occurring right now. I have been told it is working well.

    Mullein and elecampane work well in combination.

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    Torey covered everything I would have. Prayers!

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    Mom is doing much better and prayers are really appreciated. Her issues have made me want to work a little harder to make sure I stay as healthy as possible.

    And I love learning natural ways to stay healthy or improve you situations.