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If you missed the first part of the story, here is the link:

Greetings and salutations.

Little Man

I feel its only appropriate to present my side of the story. And in all fairness, my caretaker did a fair job of relaying the first part of this adventure.

Part one: update.

Yes, I did have an amazing adventure upstairs. The third floor of this house offers mystery and sometimes a light snack.

My caretaker left the door open to the third floor so I took the time out of my busy day and obligations to explore.

At first it was the normal trip to the landing and two large rooms but a side alley or crawl space as it is sometimes referred to lead to an adventure a lot like a cave, minus bats and stalactites. Imagine my delight to find a hidden maze to explore and conquer.

My adventure was fine until I heard the caretaker call and offer me lunch. In my haste I missed a turn and ended up above a bedroom. Which way should I go? After 15 or so minutes I did find a exitway in the kitchen, an area that they are working on. I could have jumped down on the fridge, but it was much more fun watching the caretaker move and balance boxes to make me stairs. Six boxes, arranging and rearranging and moving a step ladder in to place to help poor little ole me get down ;) .

After a few minutes of toying and taunting the caretaker I decided my growling stomach needed attention so I jumped to the top of the fridge to get my reward for exploring and preserving the safety of the household.

A few more jumps to the floor led me to lunch, which I quickly devoured. Unfortunately during this time the caretaker took the boxes down and as I tried to climb the ladder she put in place, she removed that too and told me I had had enough adventure for one day. And what is this comment about grey hair?

I love the caretaker but she does tend to be bossy.

I have scratched at the upstairs doorway that leads to adventure and stared at the kitchen ceiling to no avail. Sigh... I guess my next adventure may have to wait.