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Sometimes I feel like I’m the crazy one milking goats and gardening and getting ready, but hearing this news reminds me of how important it is to have “alternative” food sources.



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    Mod hat on. Just remember to keep this discussion nice! Regardless of beliefs. Mod hat off.

    Seems there’s talk in Australia that there could be some supply issues re trucking, in the New Year and not what you’d think! In modern diesel trucks there is an additive called Adblue that helps keep emissions down and we are running short on supply. China is the biggest exporter of this product & at the moment we’re not getting on so great. Seems the govt is doing a deal so we can produce it ourselves. (Good move)

    @Megan Venturella just one shortage in the supply chain can bring everything undone! Glad we’ve got our “green thumbs” on.

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    Thanks @JodieDownUnder for issuing a reminder to everyone as this is a very hot but important topic and to be careful in what is posted.

    Specific negative name dropping (whether true or not) will be cause of immediate deletion to keep this specific discussion within the rules.

    That said, we will be watching this thread closely and may shut it down at any time to keep our forum community united, members safe, & hopefully protected from the division that is destroying so much of everything around us. I know we want to continue to keep our community available to everyone who wants to learn & needs support. We need to all be mindful of that.

    I will also have to watch what I say, as I am not above the rules. Also, you do not have to agree with me. I'm just stating below what our experience is in our area. All I ask is that you consider my words.

    @Megan Venturella You feel crazy for doing all that. But I say, good for you! Keep on going. Get "crazier"!

    The situation is starting to get very real up here as it is in other countries around the globe. But, I realize that it's only just begun. That is concerning, but gives urgency and we need to be aware.

    I don't think we can stress this enough anymore...grow your own food and know where you can source other necessities. Be prepared to do without some things you can't produce or even barter for. Know who to network with. Be aware that some things you think you have in place may fail or suddenly become unavailable to you. Be ready & able to adapt. Know how to treat health issues with local herbs available to you. Save seeds from what you use...veg & herbal. This is our present & also coming reality, as strange as it is. This is why TGN exists.

    There are things happening in my country in many facets of our society, from top to bottom, that are far from good, which I will not discuss openly on a public forum. I will try my best to keep it general. But be assured, these things are highly political and totally narcissistic/Marxist/fascist, etc. It easily fits all those descriptions. If you think you are safe from the grasp of this dangerous ideology, think again. It will touch us all and it won't be/end pretty.

    Discrimination, manipulation, abuse & sandbox bully "games" are now a common popular thing to do, unfortunately, and I have experienced some of it directly & personally as some if you are aware. If it hasn't already touched you, it will. It gets very difficult when it finally hits you personally & repeatedly. It should not be acceptable, yet us has become so.

    I expect all of this to get much worse worldwide. Unfortunately, we can't hide our heads in the sand or try to live in a bubble, and hope it will go away. Either the sand will disappear or your bubble will get popped.

    We, and some others we know in my country are standing strong on our principles/convictions at this point, preparing as best we can and are able for hard times ahead while keeping in mind lessons (from unaltered more recent and older history) that most people don't even know happened (they were never taught it). It's absolutely amazing that generations were barely or never taught these important lessons.

    I have seen the video of, I think, just that trucker. He is right when he says we lose these things bit by bit, and at some point, there will be a lot lost. We've already personally sacrificed a lot, but more is coming. Many well educated, knowledgable, skilled people have been too easily discarded in many essential and non-essential jobs. It is wrong & is taking its toll in our society, and not just in the food distribution chain.

    We are certainly on the same path as others in history, just on a larger scale. Major news outlets here will tell you one story explaining away issues and placing blame (they all say the same thing here and it's twisted), but if you listen to the independent voices put down or ignored by them (from regular folks to experts to certain people that hold high positions), you will actually hear the truth, and well documented truth.

    I am currently reading about/studying narcissism, which I experienced as a baby until the present. It is crazy, it is confusing, it is abuse, & is traumatic, usually leaving scars. I can tell you this same abuse is exactly what is being done in many countries. It has all the telltale signs. If it were any relationship, it would be viewed as highly toxic.

    At no time in history has a government truly cared about its people. Don't buy into that they do. They always have their interests at heart at the expense of all else. That's historic truth. Politicians have usually been regarded as crooked. Remember that too as you consider what comes out of their mouth. Research it, don't just swallow it without questioning it all. Someone has to. We are finding that in the majority of cases, there is no solid substance behind their words. It is politician speak.

    Remember that the conventional medical system is, in general, just legalized drug dealing. Its always been political. They can have their place, but historically & recently, overstepping boundaries & taking advantage has been the norm. Money talks and control is a big deal to means more money in their pockets. So...grow your own herbs, & know how to use them properly.

    I wonder if this summer/fall we will also find that farmers will be discriminated against with terminals not accepting grain from certain folks. There is enough going on here already that it wouldn't surprise me at all.

    I suppose then that there would be a lot of grain at the ready for the ones who need it who are close by. Those farmers hit by discrimination will have to get creative in their marketing strategy. If they are growing gmo, however, that would put them in a really difficult/impossible position. It's a good reason not to grow gmo.

    I am personally not a huge fan of this guy in the video, but I've got respect for the content he put out in this one.

    I wrote way too much in this post, I know, but like I said, things are getting real up here. I tried to be somewhat general in what I said. It was difficult.

    As you post, please take your time and consider what you say. Keep within the rules (yes, it gets difficult with this loaded subject).

    Thank you all for being a part of my journey of learning more skills and for being a great support, whether asking questions or giving advice. It's all good and very much appreciated! 😄

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    I am typically very hesitant to comment in discussions where there is a topic that can get "hot". I do usually read them. In my comment I'm going to be very careful to not say anything about the controversial subject matter. I do want to start by saying thank you to @JodieDownUnder and @LaurieLovesLearning for doing such a wonderful job as Mods! We all appreciate you keeping it friendly.

    I have to agree with all of the comments made so far.

    I felt crazy for awhile pushing myself so hard to learn to be self sufficient and be able to feed my family in case of a situation like we are seeing now. But now we see the possibility of so many problems on the horizon and it makes me wish I had pushed myself harder. There are still a lot of skills and pieces of the puzzle I'm missing.

    My husband works so many hours that he hasn't been able to learn much in this area but he is very supportive and encouraging me to "full steam ahead" do what I can to be ready for whatever I can. The rest of my friends and family think that I have lost my mind! They think it is crazy to want farm animals and grow food to eat. They also all thought I was crazy to homeschooling my kids but I was the first one they called when the schools were shut down for the pandemic.

    I'm so glad for all of the people here at TGN that help me with learning and growing in a like minded fashion.

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    Thanks for the honest comments. It’s easier to do all this knowing others are fighting the same fight to provide for their families.

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    @Megan Venturella

    Even without shortages and broken supply chains, providing for yourself gives you control over the quality and safety of your food supply.

    And now, with shortages and a broken supply system, providing for yourself gives you some personal control over this aspect of your life. That can bring a great sense of stability in these unstable times.

    I think most of us here on TGN are of a similar mind. That's why we are here. I am very grateful for this space to remind us that none of us (forum members) are in the "crazy" category.

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    I am so grateful that I was reminded that growing your own food is important. I hadn't gardened in awhile and taking up gardening again at 75 was certainly a gain for me. I am experimenting with different things to grow and greens is predominantly what I am growing. I left the beets in the front garden this winter and I checked them and pulled off a large container of the leaves. I haven't checked them since it snowed. I believe they are doing fine. Oh and since they are greens no one seems to bother them. To me it is laughable. I have shared with one of my friends who loves greens.

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    After talking so much about it, I got my garden seeds orders in last night. It feels good!

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    Stocked on seeds too.

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    I got my first seeds in the mail yesterday! 😁

    I also got my Richters catalog. I have some fun reading ahead...and then a fun order of seeds/plants (maybe) to try to grow indoors this time around.