New Years Eve Party

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What do you guys usually do for New Years? We started something last year that we all really liked, and that is instead of a having a regular meal, we just make a bunch of appetizers! It is so much fun and instead of having to try to save room for the main meal, we can just fill up on finger food!



  • Monek Marie
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    We do the same finger food and possibly a good movie. We keep it simple.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @COWLOVINGIRL Often, we just have snacks, like you. It is kind of similar to what we do for Christmas Eve. One year, we were invited over to a friends' place for a supper & evening goodies. That was really good & fun too.

    This year, being so cold, we will have a regular meal first to keep up energy & warmth for the next day. Pork is the way to go for that!

  • judsoncarroll4
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    That is always a good plan! We have our southern traditions of collard greens and black-eyed peas on New Years Day. But, hors d'oeuvres are perfect for long celebrations with drinking. Cookbooks written int he 50s and 60s often have a large section on snacks to have with drinks. The old New Your Times cookbook is an especially good representation of cocktail culture - lots of savories.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    One of our boys wants to do up some quail for new years. I think that could qualify as finger food!

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    Last year my youngest daughter made a charcuterie board. This year she says she wants to make another one with my money. LOL I'm going to take her to Aldi. She works as an RA at college but they didn't get paid over the break of course. It's going to be delicious!

  • Lisa K
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    Since I started doing appetizers for Thanksgiving after my mom passed, I try on New Year's Eve I try to make something special. I am not sure this year what that will be. Other than that, I just try to stay awake until midnight.

  • Torey
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    Appetizers/finger food has been a part of our New Year's Eve (and Christmas Eve) for many years. Old standby favourites but always something new to tempt the taste buds. Not sure what that is for this year.

  • judsoncarroll4
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    I do that! I'll do quail eggs maybe 3 ways, then quail 3 ways. I roast all three, but the stuffing is a surprise.... rice and sausage, jalapeno and cheese (but I wrap these in bacon and broil them to crip up the bacon), and chicken liver pate with butter, shallot and mushrooms. Plots of folks just grill or smoke them and serve with barbecue sauce and potato salad.

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    @judsoncarroll4 I hadn't thought out how to cook them yet, but figured we'd do tiny deviled eggs to go with our "tiny chickens".

    I also just got an email about quail egg recipes. Haha I will have to see what suggestions it has.

  • naomi.kohlmeier
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    We generally have lobster or crab legs. We rarely stay up until midnight. We might wake up at midnight because we have a 17 year old who loves fireworks and always saves some from the 4th of July so he can have fireworks at midnight to celebrate the New Year.

  • jowitt.europe
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    When we have family round, we make fondue. Broth and different fillets from beef, turkey, chicken... and 3 or 4 different sauces and rice. And salad, of course.

    this year we have no family round, but we have guests, so we make snacks and I will bake two Apfelstrudels - apple cakes. We will have the meal outside round the fire. It is going to be strangely warm on New Year’s Eve in the Alps this year. Hopefully only this year.

  • Linda Bittle
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    I rarely stay up til midnight, all though I'll likely still be reading.

    Love the appetizers with some sweets, fresh fruit, and perhaps a big pot of soup or stew.

    I love winter evenings, snuggled up in my flannel or fleece Christmas pajamas, a warm beverage, and a book. The cats will sometimes cuddle with me. Would be lovely to have a fire, but I'll have to make do with candles this year. I've acquired rum and hot buttered rum mix. Or hot chocolate, depending upon my mood.

  • JodieDownUnder
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    @COWLOVINGIRL I guess it depends on what we’re doing and if we’re having a party. It’s summer down here and daylight savings, so a BBQ is on the cards. Meat, veg & salads. Or lots of finger food, fruit, cheese, pizza. All outdoors and cold beer! This year its looking like a quiet one, so maybe just an average night in & bed before midnight. Happy New Year to you.😁

  • VermontCathy
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    We're typical introverts. :-) We stay home and have snacks and some sparkling wine.

    Most of our snacks are the usual cheese, chocolate, etc. and sometimes we'll have chips with an interesting dip like creamy crab or cheese fondue.

    Another interesting option is the Ocean Spray Ultimate Party Meatballs, which is meatballs in Heinz chili sauce and cranberry sauce. If you have your own chili sauce recipe, try that instead!

  • LaurieLovesLearning
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    On New Years Day, we will have our oldest daughter home. They weren't here for Christmas, so it will sort of be a late repeat. I've got brine cooling & will start brining the turkey tomorrow.

    So, quail, snacks, and yogi tea the evening before & a hearty meal with sparkling juice & snacks to follow on the 1st.

  • karenjanicki
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    Honestly it's been years since I've done anything. The last thing I remember we went out for a big New Years bash at a club. But that was quite awhile ago.