How Glyphosate Destroys Your Health


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    I would be more surprised if glyphosate didn't cause celiac than if it did.

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    A friend of mine who is a local leader in the celiac association says they are convinced that's what causes it.

    The chemical has caused other issues, that were not mentioned, in a large population of farmers and consumers as well. Depression (not mild) is well known among farm families and exposure to these chemicals...this one specifically, is at fault. It also has been proven to cause non-hodgkins lymphoma (hopefully I got that name correct), even though they deny it, but still have lost lawsuits. We know farmers who have been diagnosed with it.

    You have to consider as well that "non-gmo" crops like wheat (and some others), are actually gmo in reality. This is not hybridization (I know some people that claim it is the same...but it is NOT). Hybridization is a natural occurrence or a method of crossing using the natural process that could have happened even without assistance.

    The companies still unnaturally fiddled with the genes and did a lot of manipulating in their lobbying, distribution, marketing, etc., etc., in such a way so that they could avoid it being labeled as gmo.

    When I researched & followed the trail for myself, it made me very angry because deception is wrong. This deception is also done very much on purpose and they know that it is hurting people, animals & the environment...and they don't care. It's all about the power & money.

    This is one topic that needs to keep being talked about. This chemical and even worse ones are not going away, and so, the voice of clear proof & opposition should continue, loud & clear.

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    I wasn't able to watch this but I thought I'd post the Material Safety Data Sheet that goes with Roundup.

    By their own (Monsanto's) admission, this is a Level 4 Acute Toxicity Chemical. Level 4 (the highest category) chemicals are potentially fatal.

    And if glyphosate wasn't bad enough on its own, Roundup contains a surfactant,  "the surfactant polyoxethyleneamine (POEA) is over three times as acutely toxic as glyphosate and belongs to a class of surfactants which includes a spermicidal agent. This class of compounds is known to cause gastrointestinal and central nervous system symptoms and hemolysis".

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    Recently I watched an interview with a scientist studying this and she was commenting about the importance of eating organic because what she is finding is that the glycine molecule of the glyphosate gets mistaken by the plant as a naturally occurring glycine molecule and the plant will uptake the glyphosate glycine molecule instead and use that as building blocks for the development and growth of the plant. When I heard this it reminded me of the xeno-estrogen phenomenon we find when Permethrin is sprayed in the air to kill mosquitoes - our bodies uptake the xeno-estrogen as if it were estrogen made by our bodies and then our bodies stop making estrogen and we become depleted despite having 'high' estrogen levels...all giving way to estrogen triggered cancers.

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    In 2016 Bayer bought out Monsanto for $66 billion!!! The Monsanto name was in ruins after all the bs surrounding Roundup. In the 80’s, I worked for an Agricultural Store for a couple years. Back then Monsanto had developed & had the patent for Roundup & at the time it was pretty expensive. ( in the late 80’s it came off patent & everybody else got in on the act & the price dropped) Anyway the Monsanto rep came in one day to talk about promotions etc and basically said it was so safe, you could drink it!! After I’d approached him about safety & side effects. My disbelief was evident & my boss asked me to do something else & walk away, before I lost my cool.

    Ever since that day, I’ve had a healthy disrespect for big business & govt who aid & abet them.

    Also the talk about the Celiac- Roundup correlation has been plentiful down under. @judsoncarroll4

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    My husband said there was a rep up here that was local who actually did drink it while promoting it at meetings, etc. He died early and nobody was told what killed him.

    I can't imagine.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning O my Gosh - that is terrible, Laurie. When all is said and done HE was being lied to also, you know - given the script, he believed it, actually drank it - I can't believe it. Wow.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning Yikes! That is terrible! I have heard that roundup could also be linked to ADHD (which I believe massively increased in the population in the 80s and 90s (which would indicate some kind of environmental cause)).

    I watched a presentation by a doctor and he believed that this stuff also damages reproduction and could cause the extinction of our species.

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    I've heard Stephanie Seneff discuss her concerns with our bodies doing the same. She has said it's a theory, and she hopes a chemist will do a study on it. That was a couple of years ago, I haven't checked if anyone took her up on it.

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    @LaurieLovesLearning I heard the exact same story about a Monsanto Rep. down here in AZ. Was told he drank it to convince people it was safe. My bet is, that it is the same line that was fed to them from someone one else. I cannot tell you how worried I feel every time I here so many different faces repeat various things are “Safe & effective”. Two words I always question when they are used together.

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    @gardneto76 I agree, especially if it is from someone in some sort of power position that stands to gain something by saying so...and it always seems to be from those types and often, time tells that it is not as they say. Just the same, it is wise not to trust those words out of anyone's mouth and to be suspicious of that claim.

    I also have to wonder how comfortable or tasty it was to do. First of all, it smells really bad. I can't imagine drinking it. 😵

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