Are you that Unicorn?

Between Christmas & New Year, I caught up on a previous docu- series that I’d watched before, Proven hosted by Nick Polizzi. Episode 3 was particularly interesting, all about gut micro biome and how it’s the new frontier in integrative medicine, mentioning “poo transplants”. Low & behold I open The Guardian this morning & here is an article on the very same subject. My poo’s must be aligning!! Thought I’d share. Interesting read.


  • Michelle D
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    I had heard of this before. At first it just seemed too odd to be true! After reading this article it makes sense I guess. I hope that I feed my family properly so that they will never need anything like this.

  • Lisa K
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    I have heard about this a few years ago. Also, I love Nick Polizzi's work and have all three of his documentaries.

  • csinclair461
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    I've heard of this before as well. Thank you for sharing! It sounds mentally gross, but I appreciate that more people are taking note of the importance of the microbiome! I thought the picture of the golden throne was great, heh. For my microbiome, I prefer Dr Zach Bush's method of breathing in my probiotics by being out in nature as much as possible. It's good though to have all the options!

    • "We think of fermented foods and probiotics. All of that is just spitting in the wind compared to the potential of just breathing good quality rich air with microbiome." Zach Bush MD

  • JennyT Upstate South Carolina
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    This is all new to me. The 'unicorns" I mean.

    I've heard of the gut microbiome but "the golden throne" and all of that? Wow.🤨

    @csinclair461 I agree, gross. If you think about it too much.