The art of giving

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My mother has had to change her diet and there are many thing she just plainly will not longer eat. So, I had a lot of food in my panty that had to go.

I could give it to a local pantry but often times those who need it do not go to a panty.

So I called my one friend and while talking to her told her I had to move food my mom would not eat and planned to take it to a pantry, but did she know anyone who might need it. (I knew she would need it but never admit to it). She asked what I had and said she would take it. I told her anything she did not need or want to give it to someone who would need it. So she ended up with 10 boxes.

There was a call for food for an elderly lady online in one of our communities for help by christmas with food. She had a granddaughter who came to live with her and food was scarce. I packed up food I thought would help them until the lady could contact a local organization and added a few things on a shopping excursion I thought a 14 year old would like.

I had one more bunch of food to move one (my mom will not eat pasta anymore - a staple in my pantry!) So I knew a person that had a bad roof and figured they might need it. I stopped to offer them some high quality plastic for their roof and had food in the car. As he helped me unload the plastic I said I had this food my mom could not longer use and planned to drop it off at the food bank later today or the next day. Did he know anyone that could use it? A local drop would save me gas money driving to the next town. So we unloaded it to his kitchen. I could tell this was something that he really needed.

Have you found a way to give that people won't be insulted or offended? Its hard to admit when you need a helping hand at times



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    @Monek Marie I love the way you approached this! Personally I just keep gifting my neighbors an abundance of produce and bagels. I have a retired neighbor who was slightly upset I was making her cinnamon rolls after all of the extra’s I gave her from the garden. She makes us cookies each year for Christmas & I do cinnamon rolls. I just looked at her, smiled, and said “well they are already proofing on the stove. Shall I deliver them in the morning to go with your coffee?” Then we both laughed. I know she cannot afford much, and if I tell her I just have to much for us to eat, she will accept whatever I offer.

    Our neighborhood has had an ongoing online thread of posting things you have and no longer need or posting things you need. It has been great as less things are ending up in the landfills and many of us have been able to get rid of extra stuff. We have had some people volunteer to help transport things around in their vehicles. It has allowed neighbors to get to know each other and their needs better. If we know someone needs something it is posted anonymous… neighbor needing…. We have had more people coming out and just asking for things they need as well because they have found how helpful the neighborhood is. Obviously not everyone is as receptive or polite to each other in other conversations, but all of the giving & needing posts stay positive.