H1N1 treatment?

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I've read that H1N1 bird flu has reared its ugly head again in several places around the world. Anyone familiar with the symptoms? Are there any good herbal remedies to fight it off?



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    Yes, I had it a few years ago. I coughed until I broke a rib or two. I would use antiviral herbs, along with some antibiotic herbs to prevent lung infection. I have done two very long posts on antiviral and antibiotic herbs - too long to post in this reply. I have also posted on herbs for coughs. The search feature should pull them up easily.

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    Most influenza strains can be traced back to avian origin but H1N1 was referred to as the Swine flu when it reappeared in 2009 (first documented occurrence in 1918).

    This is a timeline for influenza epidemics and the strains that caused them.

    1889 - “Russian” flu - Suspected to be related to H3N2 as people born during this time period had fewer symptoms and milder illness than the rest of the population during the 1968 epidemic. (although it may have been H3N8 but there are no samples available)

    1918 - “Spanish” flu - H1N1 (showed signs of Avian origin although this strain is also found in swine)

    1957 - “Asian” flu - H2N2 (Avian origin)

    1968 - “Hong Kong” flu - H3N2 (Avian origin)

    1996 - “Avian” flu - H5N1 Did not spread as an epidemic.

    2009 - “Swine” flu - H1N1/pdm09 - Same as the Spanish flu but a slightly different strain. (Swine origin)

    Flu vaccines are created every year based on which strains the CDC thinks will be most prevalent. The 20/21 Trivalent Influenza vaccine contains: Influenza A/ (H1N1)09-like virus, Influenza A/ (H3N2)-like virus and Influenza B/ (Victoria lineage)-like virus. So it seems that they think H1N1 will be part of the mix.

    Most flu strains can cause symptoms including fevers, chills, sore throat, cough, nasal congestion, aches & pains, headache, fatigue and nausea & vomiting. Not all symptoms appear with all flu strains. H1N1 seems to have more nausea and diarrhea associated with it than some other strains.

    So to treat any respiratory illness, the treatment is the same. Rest, keep warm, drink lots of fluids (water, juices, teas, hot lemon beverages), avoid heavy foods and get your nourishment in soups (veggie broth, bone broth, chicken soup, barley soup). Then treat the individual symptoms to support the body through recovery. Judson has given lots of suggestions in his posts. Expectorant herbs if there is a lot of lung congestion. Pain relieving herbs if there are aches and pains (Eupatorium aka Boneset, is a good one for this). Mucilaginous herbs for sore throats (Marshmallow, Slippery Elm). Vapour baths for sinus congestion (with or without herbs or EOs). Febrifuges if the fever goes to high or for too long. Bitters for vomiting if it goes on too long (I like Angosturo bitters for vomiting). Raspberry (or blackberry) leaf tea for diarrhea. You can supplement with Vitamin C and D3 and zinc.

    If symptoms worsen to the point of difficulty breathing, cyanosis, chest pain, dehydration, seizures and/or worsening of pre-existing conditions, you should seek medical attention immediately.

    Preparing your body is better. Add lots of adaptogens and immune tonics to your diet.

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    Do you have those on a different thread here? Or should we look at your podcast/blog for the information?

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    Thanks for the links, @torey. I missed his antiviral herb show for some reason.

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    Yes, thank you @torey. I missed them somehow too.

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    Thanks @torey

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    Not sure if Eupatorium will grow very well in my area - it's more of a prairie plant. I'm trying Toothache plant this year. It's supposed to be relatively sun and drought tolerant. Does anyone have experience with toothache plant tincture for relieving pain?