Conquering sugar in 2022

Hello. My name is Pat and I am going to start the 14-day sugar detox on January 17. Is anybody out there who has recently started this program or thinking about it? If so, I hope you will jump in to this discussion and compare notes, etc. I just finished watching module 7 tonight and I am working on the homework assignments and grocery shopping. I am having a problem finding whey without any added sweeteners. I found one on the Internet called Naked Whey, but it cost way too much; I think it was $92 for 5 pounds. I only wanted it for the Beet Kvass. I guess I'll have to make it with the brine method.


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    I've gotten some very good Kvass at the farmers' market. Her's is fairly pricy. The lady who makes it is very encouraging and keeps telling me to make my own. She mentioned a while back that she would like to get some classes started.

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    Good luck Pat. Changes such at this can take a bit of time to adjust to. I should look at the 14 day sugar detox.

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    Welcome to TGN's forum @Patricia Higgins.

    I encourage you to check out the Weekend Project - Bitters in the Academy as part of the Conquering Sugar course. Before we had so much availability to sugar, bitter foods were a much more important part of our diet. But I love bitters so I am a bit prejudiced on that front. :)

    Something else that is very important is to keep well hydrated. Its always important but as you are going to be detoxing sugar, it is even more important. TGN has an excellent e-book called the Hydration Handbook.

    When you have a chance, check out "Our Front Porch Welcome" at:

    And there is the Introductions section where you can let us know a bit more about where you are from:

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    Hi Pat! I wanted to throw out some encouragement for your detox! I'm so happy for you that you have decided to do it! I did it a little over a year ago. It was an amazing learning experience and made a huge difference in how I feel! I have kept to several (not all) of the rules and I have to say it is definitely worth it. After doing the detox I stopped craving sugar. My husband did the detox with me which made it a lot easier to stick with. He decided to go right back to sugar afterwards but that was his choice. Having the support for those first two weeks was enough for me to stick with it. Now my husband or kids make cookies or brownies and I'm not even interested in them.

    There is so much great advise in the course. If I were going to throw out a few pointers from experience I would say that having at least one support person as you go through the process would be a huge help. Also, I found that the meal prep and planning was the only way to make it work. I didn't go through and get all of the foods that I couldn't eat out of my house as there are 7 people in my family so I had to be extra careful. I'm not sure how skipping that step affected me personally.

    I made my Kvass using the brine method. I have a mild dairy allergy. I still consume some but I'm very careful. I was happy with how it turned out. I made both with and without the ginger. Honestly, I didn't notice much of a difference between the two.

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    Thanks guys. I'm getting more excited. I started my first batch of Kvass this evening using the brine method. My roommate recently moved out, so I've got the house to myself for the detox. I don't know how different that will be than having a houseful of people, but I think I will do fine.