Caution about upcoming new antivirals

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I will be posting this for information only with no discussion to follow.

So that all are aware, this information comes from a mainstream news source. I received the following in my inbox Jan. 7, 2022 and is a good reminder for all who consider using conventional medicine.

I will insert my opinion (and you can feel free to disagree) that unless there is absolutely no proven effective herbal treatment for something, that should be the only time that one should consider conventional medicine, and even then, to always be cautious and have your eyes & ears wide open. If something feels off, it most likely is. The drug companies' poor track record and risks of many treatments leaves much to be desired. Even then, extreme caution and much careful research, & weighing pros & cons, should be undertaken first. Always remember who has something to gain (power and/or money) by influencing studies & making sales. Take that into consideration as it is a big safety factor that should never be ignored.

Now for the news:

There is concern that the two newly approved antiviral drugs for the virus will most likely have side effects (the majority of conventional drugs do). While one of these drugs (starting with a P) can affect how some drugs are metabolized by the body, scientists are concerned that (the one that starts with an M) could interact with human genetic material. Another concern was that the one holds the possibility of generating variants by causing virus mutations. This all sounds quite concerning. Both have to be taken right away upon infection to be most effective. They also are not fully effective. One has a very low success rate, while the one produced by Ph_, claims to have the highest.

One more caution, as it should always wary of claims. This company (as well as other mega-massive companies) has/have been proven, many times over, to be dishonest with what they reveal about past studies and information in order to make sales. Sales=profits.

I had read concerns most likely a year ago about the possibility of the pills they were starting to develop having interactions with genetics. Messing with genes is just not a good thing.

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